Polarization Maintaining Assemblies


Portland, OR. – February 3, 2003 – Timberline Connectivity, Inc. announces immediate availability of actively aligned polarization maintaining (PM) cable assemblies. Polarization Maintaining (PM) fiber is primarily used in applications which require the light to maintain polarization as it propagates down the core of a fiber (polarization-sensitive). PM fiber is commonly utilized in the telecommunications, sensor, and specialized Photonics markets.

PM fiber is designed by applying stress rods within the fiber to create two orthogonal (90 degree) axes through the core where the signal travels. PM assemblies are rotationally aligned and measured at the selected wavelength. Timberline Connectivity manufactures PM assemblies aligned and measured to slow, fast, or custom axes, within the connector or to the application specific requirement. Assemblies are available in LC/UPC, FC/UPC and FC/APC with either 900um buffered or 3mm jacketed versions.

Timberline Connectivity, Inc. offers a vast array of quality single mode, Multimode, and Polarization Maintaining fiber optic assemblies in countless different configurations.

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