MTP ® /MPO Fiber Optic Breakout Cables

As datacom technology migrates from 10GbE to 40GbE and beyond, it is often necessary to transition from discrete commercial connectors to 12- or 24-fiber MTP®/MPO connectors. MTP®/MPO fiber optic breakout cable assemblies are ideal for connecting high speed switches populated with higher rate transceivers QSFP+, CFP, CXP, CFP2, etc. to existing 10GbE elements populated with SFP+ modules. In addition, ever increasing data traffic and port counts is requiring higher connector densities necessitating cable assemblies that transition single channel LCs to high density MTP®/MPO connectors. Timbercon is a leader in providing high quality MTP®/MPO fiber optic breakout cable assemblies to the data communications industry.

Available with OM2, OM3, OM4 or single mode fiber, Timbercon uses only the highest quality components to design and manufacture breakout cables to your specification. You define length, connectors and breakout configurations, or we will help design it for you.

In addition to offering breakout styles from 900 micron to 3.0 mm fiber cable outer diameter (OD), we also offer different transition options based on your mounting and space requirements. Flat, mountable and tube are all available. Timbercon also has an overmold breakout design, which allows us to produce the most rugged cable assemblies in the industry.


  • Trunk Backbone to Rack
  • Data Switches and Routers
  • Servers
  • Data Centers
  • Test Equipment

Features & Benefits

  • High quality components results in low insertion loss
  • High capacity with fiber counts up to 72
  • Multiple transition styles provides flexible mounting options
  • Wide range of breakout styles and fiber options
  • 100% optically tested ensures reliability and performance

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