TFOCA-II®* Connectors

TFOCA-II®* Connectors are military style Fiber optic connectors designed for rugged use in harsh environments. TFOCA stands for Tactical Fiber Optic Assemblies.

TFOCA are extremely strong, lightweight, rugged, survivable tight-buffered Cables designed for military tactical field use and commercial applications.

TFOCA connectors are specifically designed for the large organizations, such as the Department of Defense, and industrial and high reliability market segments. TFOCA Connector systems, Cable assemblies, harnesses, kits and specialty products have been widely used for applications such as: down-hole oil exploration platforms, Navy tactical battle systems, secure Data lines for the US Navy, water purification systems, automotive performance, along with many other applications.

(*TFOCA-II® is a registered trademark of Amphenol Corporation.)

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TFOCA-II<sup>®*</sup> Connectors
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