Fiber Optics for Data Storage Equipment

Fiber Optics for Data Storage Equipment

The main function of fiber optics in data storage equipment is to provide the communications link between multiple devices on a network and/or part of a storage system, typically NAS, SAN, or CAS.

Fiber optic connectivity offers very high bandwidth over extended distances making optical communication an ideal conduit for device-to-device connections, enabling faster, simultaneous information access from across the room or across the country.

While some data storage devices use copper connections and cabling for device-to-device connections, more data storage administrators are replacing copper ports with optical ports to improve performance and ensure these devices can support ever-increasing bandwidth requirements now and in the future.

Timbercon offers a wide range of products to support data storage equipment. From standard cable assemblies to ruggedized, application specific products, we have a data storage equipment connectivity solution for you.

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