Fiber Length Calculator for Spools and Reels

Learn the maximum length of fiber that can be held in a spool, with a given spool size and fiber diameter.

Fiber Diameter:
  Traverse (A) inches    
     Barrel Diameter (C)   Flange Diameter (B)
      inches   inches
Calculate Length

Important Note: This Fiber Length Calculator for Spools and Reels calculates maximum possible length of fiber that, if perfectly wound, would be flush to the outside edge of the flange. This calculator does not compensate for practical use- such as making the fiber recessed from the outside spool flange, so as prevent fiber from slipping off the spool. The actual spool capacity varies according to the type of spool and fiber type and may be slightly less capacity for real applications than mathmatically possible under perfect circumstances. Please consult a Timbercon representative for practical and precise spool dimensions for your application.

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