Timbercon datacom interconnect solutions range from simple, simplex patch cords to multi-channel distribution and backbone cables and virtually everything in between. Most interconnects are used for smaller, localized network or system structures, linking similar machines, complementary devices, and/or data communications from one system to another.


With the increasing bandwidth requirements associated with broadband services, datacom service providers and network operators are expanding and extending fiber optics further down line to accommodate present and future requirements.

Gigabit Ethernet

Timbercon fiber optic solutions for datacom support Gigabit and multi-gig transmission for both short and long distances, with immunity to EMI and RFI, making fiber a more suitable solution for a number of applications compared to copper.

Data Transfer Tests

For testing datacom applications, optical or electrical loopbacks are used to verify the operational reliability of the device under test. With both optical and electrical loopbacks, the signal generated by the device under test is looped from the transmit (Tx) side of an active component back to the receive (Rx) port of the same component.

Data Storage Equipment

Timbercon fiber optic solutions for data storage equipment provide the communications link between multiple devices on a network and/or part of a storage system, typically NAS, SAN, or CAS.

Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Timbercon diagnostics and troubleshooting fiber optic solutions for datacom are used in varying capacities to test, measure, analyze, transmit, distribute, and/or simulate an optical signal with which the technician can perform procedures and processes associated with maintenance, problem solving, and calibration of equipment and/or networks.


Network or signal simulation is a widely used method for testing, training, demonstration, and diagnostics of datacom equipment, networks, and physical infrastructure applications. Simply put, simulation is the artificial re-creation of an active network connection. For larger simulation applications, network simulation modules are generally used to simulate a connection.

Premise Networks

Timbercon provides fiber optic solutions for premise networks, the transmission network (LAN) inside the users’ building or group of buildings that connects the various types of voice and data communications devices to each other and to the outside world.

Carrier Networks

Timbercon provides fiber optic solutions for carrier networks, a network or series of networks, providing connectivity to cities, towns, or other entities on a large scale.

Independent Telecommunication Providers

Timbercon offers fiber optic solutions to support the central office, optical node, and FTTx applications for the independent service provider segment.

Network Equipment

Timbercon fiber optic solutions are used for a wide variety of applications in the datacom and network equipment markets. More and more network equipment manufacturers are using all-fiber transport internally and externally for switch, router, director, SAN, and NAS applications. These all-fiber systems offer a very versatile connection medium to other commonly used devices at the end user premise.

Central Office

Timbercon central office fiber optic solutions are designed and manufactured to provide superior performance and durability for a multitude of applications from switch interconnects to outside plant.


Timbercon offers a range of FTTx (Fiber To The X) datacom fiber optic solutions, including fiber to the home, fiber to the curb, fiber to the business and fiber to the desk products.

Data Transmission

Depending on your particular application or system requirements, Timbercon data transmission cabling can take many forms from basic simplex (SX) or duplex (DX) cable assemblies to ribbon fiber distribution cables, and various combinations of customized products.

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