Timbercon Introduces Variable Attenuation Armadillo Loopback


LAKE OSWEGO, OR . May 12, 2005 – Timbercon, Inc., an industry leader in the supply and manufacturing of custom fiber optic products and solutions introduced today a variable attenuated version of their flagship product, the Armadillo loopback.

The variable attenuation Armadillo loopback has been designed to incorporate the features and functions of a standard manual variable attenuator with the performance and ruggedization of the armadillo loopback in small and efficient package. “By utilizing small form packaging for each component, we have been able to accomplish the same performance results as you would expect from a standard variable attenuation cable assembly, in a much smaller product with a significant increase in durability over the life of the product,” said Jayson Lizardo, Product Manager for Timbercon.

The variable attenuation Armadillo loopback is available in single mode and multimode, with SC or LC connectors, and virtually limitless color choices. Set screw type attenuator ensures smooth and easy attenuation adjustment from 0 to 24dB. Typical applications include device failure testing, multiple distances loss testing, and applications in which the precise attenuation requirement is unknown.

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