Timbercon Announces Fix Attenuated Armadillo Cable Assemblies

Timbercon Announces Fix Attenuated Armadillo Cable Assemblies


Timbercon, Inc., Timbercon, Inc., a fiber optic products and services company providing a vast range of connectivity solutions, announces the immediate availability of Fix Attenuated Duplex Armadillo cable assemblies. Timbercon is widely known for their proprietary Armadillo loopback test devices and Armadillo cable assemblies with hard colored shells that encase and protect the fiber ferrules.

The Fix Attenuated Armadillo cable assemblies are designed for single mode applications where high power lasers can cause damage to detectors when traversing short distances. Attenuation can be applied to both fibers (Tx/Rx) of the duplex cable or only one fiber depending upon the requirements. Attenuation levels of 1dB to 20dB (+/- 1dB or 10%) can be chosen but are specific to either 1310nm or 1550nm. Armadillo cable assemblies are available for both the LC and SC connector form factors. A wide variety of color choices are available to color code each attenuation value.

“The addition of attenuation to our ruggedized Armadillo cable assemblies was a solution requested by a number of customers,” said Cindy Wolcott, Key Account Manager for Timbercon. “We have been producing attenuated Armadillo loopbacks and standard attenuated cables for years. By offering attenuation in our Armadillo cable assemblies, our customers can color code their attenuation values and have a much better solution”

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