Premise Networks

Premise Network is defined as the Transmission network (LAN) inside the users’ building or group of buildings that connects the various types of voice and Data communications devices to each other and to the outside world.

Premise networks are used world wide, across every industry, in both small and large scale applications. For most applications, the end goal is to connect as many points on the network as possible, with the most Bandwidth possible. Depending on the size of the network, the equipment infrastructure and connectivity requirements can vary greatly. For small, lower bandwidth requirement premise applications, copper based systems can generally support most requirements. However, with larger networks or those networks requiring longer runs or large amounts of bandwidth, a Fiber optic System is more suitable.

Timbercon makes a wide variety of products to support premise network applications from very small optical networks to large intra-building networks, and everything in between. Our diverse product offering, custom development capabilities, and FAST turnaround make Timbercon an all-inclusive connectivity partner.

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