Fiber Optic Illumination

Fiber optic illumination is the conveyance or Transmission of Light from a Source (output) to one or several fibers, allowing light to escape through the end of the Fiber and illumination apparatus. Widely used in medical, dental, automotive, and research applications, fiber optic illumination provides a clean, cold light to be routed, targeted, focused, and/or directed to very specific hard to Reach locations or areas.

Fiber optic illumination generally uses large Core plastic optic fiber as opposed to glass, as it allows a very large amount of light to pass, creating a more brilliant light effect. Most illumination applications utilize light pipes or incoherent bundles as the Conduit for light transmission. Both Light Pipe and incoherent bundles can be manufactured from very small to very large scale, depending on your requirement, space constraints, illumination source, and your light output requirements.

Timbercon’s Fiber Optics for illumination are designed and manufactured to provide superior performance and longevity in a variety of applications. Contact your Timbercon representative for details on Timbercon illumination products for your application.

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