Connectors are a type of Fiber optic Hardware that is installed on to the end of a fiber Cable creating a Cable Assembly or pig-tail. Connectors are used to attach a cable assembly to a receiver, transmitter, transceiver, or other device.

Commonly used Fiber Optic Connectors include:

  • ST: Slotted bayonet type connector, long ferrule.
  • FC: Screw-on connector.
  • SC: Push/pull connector.
  • LC: Like ST connector, but Ferrule is half the size.
  • MT-RJ: Connector for Duplex fiber with both fibers in one ferrule.
  • MU: Like SC connector, but ferrule is half the size.
  • E-2000: A versatile small form factor connector, that may have an electrical termination, developed by Diamond.
  • MTP®: Multi-fiber connector housing up to 24 fibers in a single ferrule, manufactured by US Connec Ltd.
  • MPO: Multi-fiber connector housing up to 24 fibers in a single ferrule
  • SMA: Connector that uses threaded interface, developed in 1960s and still used today.
  • MPX®: Multi-fiber connector with 4-24 fiber terminated in single ferrule, manufactured by Molex
  • HBMT: High density Backplane MT Connector that uses standard MT ferrule as the optical interface, and provides up to 96 fiber interconnects.

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