MTP® / MPO Fiber Optic Cables & Breakouts

Timbercon provides cables with standard MTP® connectors.The MTP® connector uses the MT ferrule, which allows users to bundle multiple channels into one single connector. The most common configurations are single and double row with 12 and 24 channels respectively, but they can be configured to 72 channels housed in just one MTP® connector. The channels are precisely aligned using two guide pins on the male connector, and the push-pull housing allows for easy removal without the risk of accidental disconnections.

The connector is compatible with bare ribbon fiber, round loose tube jacketing, stainless steel jacketing, and many other jacketing options. Timbercon also manufactures breakout cablesnetwork simulation modules (TM Boxes), and loopbacks with the MTP® connector.


  • High quality components and design with low insertion loss
  • Push-pull design for easy and secure connections
  • High capacity with up to 72 fiber counts
  • 100% optically tested ensures reliability and performance


  • Trunk Backbone to Rack
  • Data Switches and Routers
  • Servers
  • Data Centers
  • Test Equipment
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