XFP Host Test Board

Timbercon XFP Host Test Boards are designed to provide an efficient and easy method of programming and testing XFP Electrical Loopbacks and Transceivers.

The XFP Host Test Board comes complete with operations software and user manual to enable XFP memory map programming and testing. The board features transmit, receive, computer interface, reference clock, and power supply ports.

The XFP Host Test Board is designed to simulate an ideal environment for XFP module testing using Rogers 3003 PC board material and single-ended micro-strip transmission lines. These properties make the host board as electrically transparent as possible, allowing a more accurate assessment of the modules. performance.

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  • XFP MSA Compliant
  • Built with Orgers 3003 PC Board Material
  • SMA Connectors for High-Speed Data
  • Integrated RS-232 to I2C Converter
  • Power Supply Port
  • Transmit and Receive Port
  • Reference CLock Port
  • Operations Software and Schematics Provided


  • Allows Customization of XFP Loopback and Transceiver Memory Maps
  • Enables Low Loss Testing and Evaluation of XFP Transceiver Modules


  • Custom XFP Loopback and Transceiver Memory Map Programming
  • XFP Loopback Testing
  • In-coming Inspection Testing of XFP Transceivers
  • Analysis and Testing of XFP Transceiver Modules

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