Test & Analysis

Timbercon has established one of the finest test and analysis service offerings available for the fiber optic industry. We conduct all test and analysis procedures utilizing the same theories, test setups, and methodologies that we use on Timbercon built products, ensuring a very detailed report upon completion. If you have a fiber optic cable or product that you would like tested, you can submit us a quick quote, or call Timbercon today, 1-800-221-6992, to get in contact with our experienced sales engineers.

Timbercon invests heavily in technology to support our test and analysis services. This investment allows us to ensure that each service offered is backed by the latest and most accurate equipment available on the market.

Timbercon offers a number of test and/or analysis options from simple insertion loss testing to root cause failure analysis, and everything in between.

Once your product testing and analysis services are complete, Timbercon can offer expedited repair, replacement, and/or recertification service for your product(s), reducing the time it takes to return your product to an in-service state.

Key Test & Analysis Capabilities

  • EXFO multi-fiber test sets
  • EXFO ribbon fiber test sets
  • DORC interferometer scopes
  • Minimum 400x Westover inspection scopes
  • Domaille polishing stations
  • Krell polishing stations
  • Seko polishing stations
  • Schleuniger fiber preparation equipment (cut, strip, and crimp)
  • Newport, JDSU, Rifocs, and HP test equipment

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