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  • PREV
  • Primary
    (obsolete) See PN.
  • primary color
    One of the three colors, either additive (blue, green, and red) or subtractive (cyan, yellow, and magenta) that may be...
  • Primary Entry Point PEP
    They are the key broadcast stations throughout the United States which together can provide national emergency information in the event...
  • Primary Interexchange Carrier PIC
    The PIC is the main long distance carrier used for "1+dialing" through which all interstate long distance toll calls are...
  • Printer
    a device that translates signals from a computer into words and images onto paper in black and white or color....
  • Private Home Viewing
    The viewing of television in a private home with reception by satellite equipment that is operated by an individual in...
  • Private Line Service
    Dedicated telecommunications channels provided between two points or switched among multiple points. Privately leased for high-volume voice, data, audio or...
  • Private Radio Service
    Radio communications authorized for local governments and private enterprises. Amateur and citizen band radio are private radio services as are...
  • PROC
  • PROF
  • PROG
    Progress Page on MCDU
  • Program Log
    Records once kept by a broadcasting station in a public file which provided a record of programs broadcast, program type...
  • Program Priorities
    the precedence of the information that must be transmitted during an EAS activation, namely national, local, and state activations in...
  • Project management software
    software programs that provide tools to help manage projects, such as integrated calendars, report generators, scheduling, charting, tracking, prioritizing,...
  • Project team
    the group of persons responsible for carrying out the successful implementation of the technology solution.
  • propulsion
    The energy used to propel or drive forward an airplane.
  • Protocol
    A set of agreed upon rules and message formats for exchanging information among devices on a network.
  • Protocol
    a standard set of guidelines by which digital information is encoded and decoded, including the common code structure, the character...
  • Protocols
    the set of standards and rules that let networked computers communicate or share information, such as Ethernet or token...
  • PROV
  • PS
    Pacific Southwest Airways
  • PT
    Total Pressure
  • PTH
  • Public Notice PN
    A Public Notice is issued by the Commission to notify the public of an action taken or an upcoming...
  • Pulling Eye
    A device fastened to a cable to which a hook may be attached in order to pull the cable through...
    Telecommunications provider that simply resells the services of another service provider
  • PVC Construction Term
    Polyvinyl chloride.
  • PVC Network Term
    Permanent Virtual Circuit
  • PVD
    Plan View Display

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