Technology Glossary : N

  • N
  • N A
    Not Applicable
  • NACA
    National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
    National Airspace Data Interchange Network II (the national digital message switching network for aeronautical data)
  • nadir
    That point on the celestial sphere vertically below the observer (i.e. the point on the Earth directly below an orbiting...
  • NAED
    National Association of Electrical Distributors.
  • Nanometer
    A unit of measurement, 10-9 meters. Light wave frequencies are stated in nanometers.
  • NAPE
    National Association of Power Engineers.
  • Narration
    The voice-over on the video. The script will note whether the narration is in English or another language and will...
  • Narrowband
    A term applied to telecommunications facilities capable of carrying only voice, facsimile images, slow-scan video images and data transmissions at...
  • Narrowcasting
    The delivery of cable programming to a small community or audience where that programming addresses the audience
  • NAS
    National Airspace System
  • NAS
    National Aircraft Standard
  • NASA
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Nat Sound
    Natural sound
    National Air Traffic Controllers Association
  • National Control Point Procedures
    those national EAS procedures used only by national networks and program suppliers.
  • National Information Center NIC
    a source of official federal government information.
  • National Information Infrastructure NII
    The NII refers to a nationwide network of integrated telecommunications that connects people, businesses, schools, institutions and governments with one...
  • National Periodic Test NPT
    tests of National Primary sources.
  • National Television Standards Committee NTSC
    A television industry group that develops standards for television broadcasting and receiving equipment in the United States.
  • Nationwide Statewide Cost Averaging
    A method of averaging costs to establish uniform prices for telephone service so that subscribers using more costly-to-serve, lightly-trafficked...
  • Nautical Mile
    A distance of 6076.11549 feet which is one minute of arc of a great circle of the Earth.
  • NAV
    Navigational Aid
  • NBAA
    National Business Aircraft Association
  • ND
    Navigation Display
  • NDB
    Nondirectional Radio Beacon
  • NDVI
    Normalized Difference Vegetation Index. NDVI is the most commonly used vegetation index for satellite imagery. The difference in reflectance from...
  • near infrared NIR
    The preferred term for the shorter wavelengths in the infrared region (the entire infrared region extends from about 0.7
  • NEC
    National Electric Code. A standard published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and incorporated in OSHA (Occupational Safety and...
  • NECA
    National Electrical Contractors Association.
  • Needs Assessment
    A "needs assessment" is a process for determining the desired functions for computer and networking technology and/or determining the needs...
  • Needs assessment
    an evaluation of the functions you want your computer and networking technology to have or the needs you hope this...
  • Needs statement
    a description of the functional needs, technical requirements and security and ethical standards that need to be met by a...
  • NEMA
    National Electrical Manufacturers Association.
    National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service
  • net thrus
    The effective thrust developed by the engine during the flight, taking into consideration the initial momentum of the aircraft speed...
  • Netiquette
    Network + etiquette= netiquette. Customs and socially accepted behavior for using the Internet networks.
  • Netscape
    is one of the two most popular used Web browsers and also the name of a company, Netscape Communications, now...
  • Network
    A system of cables or wireless pathways that link communication nodes.
    Any connection of two or more computers that enables them to communicate. Networks may include transmission devices, servers, cables, routers...
  • Network
    A group of computers connected to each other to share computer software, data, communications, and peripheral devices. Commonly, the definition...
  • Network
    a group of computers connected to each other to share computer software, data, communications and peripherals. Also, the hardware and...
  • Network
    A configuration of two or more computers linked to share information and resources.
    Any connection of two or more computers that enables them to communicate. Networks may include transmission devices, servers, cables, routers...
  • Network Networking
    A group of computers connected in any way that allows data to be sent among these computers.
  • News Group
    Discussion group on the Internet. Similar to electronic bulletin boards. Users are presented with a summary of discussion topics and...
  • NFPA
    National Fire Protection Association.
    New Generation Air Traffic Manager
  • NIC
    Network Interface Card. This is the interface between a computer (or other device) and the Ethernet network.
  • Nile
    (calls itself "National Challenge Computing Project", not an acronym): 24 institutions including Cornell, UTexas, are using CORBA, widely distributed workstations...
  • NIST traceability
    The attempt to trace radiometric units and calibrations back to a common radiance source at the United States National Institute...
  • Nl
    Engine Revolutions per Minute (percent)
  • NLM
    Network Loadable Module
  • NLR
    National Research Laboratory (The Netherlands)
  • NM
    Nautical Mile
  • NMC
    National Meteorological Center
  • NN Non participating National
    an EAS source (usually a broadcast station) that has elected not to participate in the National-level EAS and removes its...
  • NOAA
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    Weather Service, one of the three federal agencies that participate in the EAS.
  • Node
    A communication point usually comprised of communication devices.
  • Node
    In a discussion of networks, a "node" refers to a processing location. A node can be a computer or some...
  • Node
    An origination or reception site.
  • noise
    Any unwanted disturbance affecting a measurement (as of a frequency band), especially that which degrades the information-bearing quality of the...
  • nominal
    (1) In name only; so-called. (2) Loosely, a rough designation or an approximation. (3) According to plan or design: a...
  • Non Duplication Rules
    Restrictions placed on cable television systems which prohibit them from importing distant programming that is simultaneously available locally.
  • nonsystematic distortion
    Geometric irregularities on images that are not constant and cannot be predicted from the characteristics of the imaging system. For...
    Notice for Airman
  • Notice of Inquiry NOI
    A Commission term, a Notice of Inquiry (NOI) is adopted by the Commissioners primarily for fact gathering, a way to...
  • Notice of Proposed Rulemaking NPRM
    A Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) is adopted by the Commissioners to detail proposed changes to FCC rules and to...
  • NOV
  • nozzle
    The nozzle is the exhaust duct of the engine. The energy depleted airflow that passed the turbine, in addition to...
  • NP National Primary
    A primary source of Presidential or other national EAS activations and programming, including broadcast stations involved with the PEP system...
    National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.
  • NRP
    National Route Program
  • NRZ
    Non-Return-to-Zero. An electrical communication signal which uses a "low" signal for zero and a "high" signal for one. The electrical...
  • NTSB
    National Transportation Safety Board
  • NTSC
    National Television System Committee. Analog video broadcast standard used in North America.
  • NTSC
    National Television Systems Committee. The American engineering standard for horizontal video resolution lines, 525.
    A term used to describe the capability of individuals, businesses and organizations to retain their existing telephone number(s)
    A term used to describe the capability of individuals, businesses and organizations to retain their existing telephone number(s)
  • Number Portability
    Number portability is the term used to de-scribe capability of individuals, businesses, and organizations to retain their existing telephone number(s)...
  • NW
    Northwest Airlines
  • NWR NOAA Weather Radio
    a service of the National Weather Service that provides to a local area continuous broadcasts of the latest weather information...
  • NWS
    National Weather Service
  • NWS National Weather Service
    an operation of NOAA that is directly responsible for issuing local weather-related emergency alerts and Warnings in addition to day-to-day...

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