Technology Glossary : K

  • K band
    A portion of the electromagnetic spectrum in the microwave region of frequencies ranging between 12 and 93 gigahertz (GHz). The...
  • Key Source
    a source which is central to the dissemination of emergency alerts and information, such as an NP, SP, SR, or...
  • Keyboard
    a device similar to a typewriter that is used to enter information and instructions into the computer. In addition to...
  • KG
  • kHz
  • Kilobyte Kb
    In decimal systems kilo stands for 1,000, but in binary systems a kilo is 1,024 (2 to the 10th power)....
  • kinetic energy
    temperature of gases causes an increase in the amount of energy in the gas.
  • KLM
    Royal Dutch Airlines
  • km
  • Knot
    A speed of one nautical mile per hour.
  • KT
  • Ku band
    Most popular type of satellite transmission for uplinking and downlinking. Ku-band operates on a higher frequency than C-band transmissions and...
  • kW

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