Technology Glossary : J

  • Jacket
    An outer covering, usually nonmetallic, mainly used for protection against the environment.
  • JAL
    Japan Air Lines
  • jam acceleration
    rapid movement of the power lever, calling for maximum rat of engine rotor-speed increase.
  • JAN
  • JAR
    Joint Airworthiness Regulations
  • JATO
    Jet Assisted Takeoff
  • Java
    A web-friendly object-oriented programming language. By the mechanism of the Java Virtual Machine, Java applications are portable to virtually any...
  • Java
    is a programming language expressly designed for use in the distributed environment of the Internet. It can be used to...
  • Java
    Programming language developed by Sun Microsystems that creates code for interactive applications that is executable on web pages by web...
  • jet engine
    Any of a class of reaction engines that propel aircraft by means of the rearward discharge of a jet of...
  • jet silencer
    a device used to reduce and change the low frequency sound waves emitting from the engine's exhaust nozzle, to high...
  • Jitter
    Also called phase jitter, timing distortion, or inter-symbol interference. The slight movement of a transmission signal in time or phase...
  • jitter
    Small rapid variations in a variable (such as a waveform) due to deliberate or accidental electrical or mechanical disturbances or...
  • JL
    Japan Air Lines
  • JPEG Joint Picture Expert Group
    Standard for the compression of still pictures, such as those that might be used on a Web site.
  • JSRA
    Joint Sponsored Research Agreement
  • JUL
  • Julian Calendar
    a method of specifying the date by the number of days which have passed since the first day of January...
  • JUN

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