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  • A l
  • A P
  • A T
    Australian Advanced Air Traffic Services
  • AAC
    Aeronautical Administration Communication (a class of communication which supports administrative communication)
  • AAS
    Advanced Automation System (the end systems for all FAA air traffic control, located at the ARTCCs)
  • AATT
    Advanced Aviation Transportation Technology
  • ABM
  • absorption
    The process by which electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is assimilated and converted into other forms of energy, primarily heat. Absorption takes...
  • absorption band
    A range of wavelengths (or frequencies) of electromagnetic radiation that is assimilated by a substance.
    Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
    ARINC communications and address reporting system (digital communications system used primarily for aircraft-to-airline messages)
    ACARS Management Unit
  • ACAS
    Airborne Collision and Avoidance System
  • ACCA
    Automated Cloud Cover Assessment
  • Acceptable Use Policy AUP
    A policy designed to describe the ways in which a computer or network may be used. AUPs usually include explicit...
  • Acceptable use policy AUP
    a policy designed to limit the ways in which a computer or network can be used. Acceptable Use Policies usually...
    A fee charged subscribers or other telephone companies by a local exchange carrier for the use of its local exchange...
    A fee charged subscribers or other telephone companies by a local exchange carrier for the use of its local exchange...
  • Access Charge
    A fee charged subscribers or other telephone companies by a local exchange carrier for the use of its local exchange...
  • ACF
    Area Control Facility
  • ACFS
    Advanced Concepts Flight Simulator (a generic "glass cockpit")
  • ACK
  • ACMS
    Aircraft Condition Monitoring System
  • ACT
  • Active Satellite
    A functioning satellite that receives and transmits or retransmits radio-communication signals to or from a base station.
  • ADC
    Air Data Computer
  • Address
    A unique identification of a device attached to a network. The address can used to identify either a specific location...
  • ADF
    Automatic Direction Finder
  • ADI
    Attitude Director lndicator
  • ADLP
    Aircraft Data Link Processor (the Mode S subnetwork function onboard the aircraft that implements the OSI network layer protocols)
  • ADMA
    Aviation Distributors and Manufactureres Association
  • Administrative software
    computer programs that are used to expedite the storage and use of education data for efficient functioning in education settings....
  • ADS
    Automatic Dependent Surveillance
  • ADSL
    Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. Most common form of DSL where the data rate being transmitted to the subscriber is high...
  • Advanced Television ATV
    New television technology that provides better audio and video quality than the cur-rent standard television broadcast system. High Definition TV...
  • AECB
    Atomic Energy Control Board
  • AERA
    Automated Enroute ATC
  • Aerial Cable
    A cable suspended in the air on poles or other overhead structures
  • AETN
    American Embassy Television Network
  • AFCS
    Automatic Flight Control System
  • AFDS
    Autopilot Flight Director System (also A/P F/D)
  • Affiliate
    A broadcast station that airs a network
  • AFS
    Automatic Flight System
  • afterburner
    The afterburner is a second chamber which afterburing (or reheat) is a method of augmenting the basic thrust of an...
    Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments
  • Agenda Item
    At the FCC, a term that refers to the document which is to be voted on by the Com-mission at...
  • Aggregator
    Any person or business who, in the normal course of business, provides a public telephone for the use of patrons...
  • AGL
    Above Ground Level
  • AGS
    Alaska Ground Station, Poker Flats AK.
  • AHRS
    Attitude Heading Reference System
  • AI
    Artificial Intelligence
  • AIRS
    Advanced Infrared Sounder
  • AL
  • albedo
    (1) The ratio of the amount of electromagnetic energy reflected by a surface to the amount of energy incident upon...
  • Alert
    Indicator (visual or auditory) which provides information to the flightcrew in a timely manner about an event requiring pilot...
  • algorithm
    (1) Any method of computation consisting of a comparatively small number of steps, which are specifically adapted to the solution...
  • ALPA
    Air Line Pilots Association
  • ALT
  • ALT
    Altitude Hold Mode
  • Alternate formats
    Different means of providing information, including product documentation, to people with disabilities. Alternate methods may include, but are not limited...
  • Alternating Current AC
    Electric current that continually reverses its direction. It is expressed in cycles per second (hertz or Hz).
  • altitude
    height above a datum, the datum usually being mean sea level. Not the same as elevation, for altitude generally refers...
  • ALTN
  • AM
    Amplitude Modulation
  • AM
  • Amateur Radio Operator HAM
    A noncommercial, private radio operator. There are six classes of amateur radio licenses that can be earned after passing FCC-administered...
  • ambient
    The condition of atmosphere existing around the engine, such as pressure or temperature.
  • American Standard Code for Information
    Inter exchange (ASCII) ASCII is a uniform code used in computer and data communications systems. ASCII code letters, numbers, punctuation...
  • ampere
    A unit of measurement of current flow.
  • Amplitude Modulation AM
    A means of adding voice or data to a radio frequency transmission by varying the amplitude of the carrier frequency....
  • Amplitude Modulation AM
    A type of transmission used in either the standard radio broadcast band at 535-1705 kilohertz, shortwave broadcasting, and in some...
  • AMSS
    Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service
  • ANA
    All Nippon Airways
  • Analog
    A signal that varies continuously such as a sound wave. Analog signal have frequency and bandwidth measured in hertz.
  • analog
    A physical variable, which remains similar to another variable insofar as the proportional relationship between the two, remain the same...
  • Analog
    Analog is "shorthand" for the word analogous, which means similar to. The signal being sent
  • Analog Communication
    A communication format in which information is transmitted by modulating a continuous signal, such as a sound wave. Current TV...
    A signaling method that uses continuous changes in the amplitude or frequency of a radio transmission to convey information.
    A signaling method that uses continuous changes in the amplitude or frequency of a radio transmission to convey information.
  • ancillary
    Auxiliary; accessory. in remote sensing, ancillary data are secondary data, pertaining to the area or classes of interest, such as...
  • angle of drift
    The angle between the heading of the axis of a craft and its ground track.
  • annotation
    Any marking on illustrative material for the purpose of clarification, such as numbers, letters, symbols, and signs. On digital Landsat...
  • annular chamber
    This type of combustion chamber consists of a single concentric flame tube surrounding the spools. This is the most efficient...
  • anomaly
    A deviation from the norm.
  • ANSI
    American National Standards Institute
  • Anti virus software
    computer programs designed to detect the presence or occurrence of a computer virus. The software subsequently signals an alert of...
  • AOA
  • AOA
    Airport Operations Area
  • AOC
    Aeronautical Operation Control (communications which support safety and regularity of flight that normally take place between aircraft and the...
  • AOCS
    Attitude and Orbit Control System
  • AOM
    Aircraft Operating Manual
  • AOPA
    Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
  • APA
    Allied Pilots Association
  • APC
    Aeronautical Passenger Communication (a class of communication which supports passenger communication)
  • aperture
    An opening that admits electromagnetic radiation to a film or detector. An example would be the lens diaphragm opening in...
  • APMS
    Automated Performance Measurement System
  • apogee
    The point in the orbit of a heavenly body, especially of a manmade satellite, at which it is farthest from...
  • APPA
    American Public Power Association.

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