Technology Glossary

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  • ILS
    Instrument Landing System (uses precision localizer and glide-slope radio transmitters near a runway to provide landing approach guidance)
  • image
    (1) The recorded representation of an object produced by optical, electro-optical, optical-mechanical, or electronic means. It is the term generally...
  • image enhancement
    Any one of a group of operations which improves the interpretability of an image or the detectability of targets or...
  • image processing
    Encompasses all the various operations which can be applied to photographic or image data. These include, but are not limited...
  • image restoration
    A process by which a degraded image is restored to its original condition. Image restoration is possible only to the...
  • image transformation
    A function or operator that takes an image as its input and produces an image as its output. Depending on...
  • imagery
    The products of image-forming instruments (analogous to photography). Used loosely, but acceptably, to refer to Landsat image data products.
  • IMC
    Instrument Meteorological Conditions
  • impeller
    The impeller is a part the compressor. It is designed to impel the airflow within the compressor.
  • Implementation project manager
    the person who directs the installation and implementation of a technology solution.
  • IMSA
    International Municipal Signal Association. Publishes specifications for cables and wires used in municipal, county, and state Traffic Signal, Communication and...
  • INBD
  • inertia
    The opposition of a body to have its state of rest or motion changed.
  • INFO
  • Information Superhighway
    A term describing a network of integrated telecommunications systems connecting people around the world to information, businesses, governments and each...
  • Information technology
    Any equipment or interconnected system or subsystem of equipment, that is used in the automatic acquisition, storage, manipulation, management, movement,...
  • infrared IR
    Pertaining to or designating the portion of electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths from the red end of the visible spectrum to...
  • inhg
    Inches of mercury
  • INIT
  • inlet duct
    The inlet duct supplies the engine with the airflow at the highest possible pressure. Normally, an inlet duct needs to...
  • Input Selector Switch A B Switches
    A switch used by cable customers to alternate between cable and over-the-air television reception through a cable box.
  • INR
    Image Navigation and Registration
  • INS
    Inertial Navigation System
  • Inside Plant
    Telecommunications facilities placed inside a building.
  • Inside Telephone Wiring
    Telephone wiring: For a residence, the wiring usually starts where the line enters the house. It
  • instantaneous field of view IFOV
    (1) The solid angle through which a detector is sensitive to radiation. In a scanning system this refers to the...
  • Instructional management software
    the computer programs that serve as tools to be used by teachers to prepare for instruction and maintain records. Some...
  • Instructional Multimedia
    A form of computer-based training that incorporates a mix of media as the stimulus to the student. Possible media elements...
  • Instructional software
    the computer programs that allow students to learn new content, practice using content already learned and/or be evaluated on how...
  • Instructional Systems Development
    Systematic approach to the planning and development of a product to meet instructional needs and goals. All components of the...
  • Instructional Television Fixed Service
    A service provided by one or more fixed microwave stations operated by an educational organization and used mainly to transmit...
    A service provided by one or more fixed microwave stations operated by an educational organization and used to transmit instructional...
    A service provided by one or more fixed microwave stations operated by an educational organization and used to transmit instructional...
  • Instructional Television Fixed Services ITFS
    A band of low-power microwave frequencies set aside by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) exclusively for the transmission of educational...
  • Insulation
    A material having high resistance to the flow of electric current. Often called a dielectric.
  • INTC
  • Integrated Services Digital Network ISDN
    An ISDN line is a digital phone line that can transmit data, video, and voice. (ISDN lines are "point-to-point" connections...
  • Integrated Services Digital Network ISDN
    Digital network with higher speed than found on the traditional telephone network. Even though ISDN uses existing phone lines, it...
  • Integrated Services Digital Network ISDN
    Switched network providing end-to-end digital connection for simultaneous transmission of voice and/or data over multiple multiplexed communication channels and employing...
  • Interactive Video
    Combination of a videodisc (usually laserdisc) or videotape and computer system that permits user response and participation, allowing for direct...
    A communication system, operating over a short distance, that allows nearly instantaneous two-way responses by using a hand-held device at...
    A communication system, operating over a short distance, that allows nearly instantaneous two-way responses by using a hand-held device at...
  • Interactive Video Data Service IVDS
    A communication system, operating over a short distance, that allows nearly instantaneous two-way responses by using a hand-held device at...
  • Interconnection
    The connection of one telecommunication carrier
  • Interface
    the connection between a computer and the person trying to use it. It can also be the connections required between...
  • Interface
    The point at which two systems or pieces of equipment are connected.
  • Interference
    Unwanted electrical signals or noise causing degradation of reception on a communications circuit.
  • internal calibrator IC
    A specific type of lamp-based calibration system carried on-board an imager in space for the purpose of monitoring for possible...
  • International Record Carrier IRC
    A common carrier engaged in providing overseas telecommunications service. Services furnished traditionally include telex, private line service and alternate voice...
  • International Shortwave Broadcast Station
    A station that sends programs overseas either for direct reception by listeners abroad or for intermediate reception by overseas relay...
  • Internet
    The worldwide collection of networks based on the use of TCP/IP network protocols.
  • Internet
    a world-wide network of computer networks through which people can exchange data and communications.
  • Internet
    A worldwide network of computer networks. It is an interconnection of large and small networks around the globe. The Internet...
  • Internet
    A computer network stretching across the world that links the user to businesses, government agencies, universities, and individuals. The Internet...
  • Internet Courses
    Students participate in the class by using the Internet for all or part of the coursework. The instructor posts a...
  • Internet Explorer IE
    is the most widely used World Wide Web browser. It comes with the Microsoft Windows operating system and can also...
  • Internet Service Provider ISP
    An ISP is an entity that provides commercial access to the Internet. Service can range in size from dial-up access...
  • Intersatellite Link
    A message transmission circuit between two communication satellites, as opposed to a circuit between a single satellite and the...
    Telecommunications between Connecticut and other states.
  • Intranet
    A collection of networks supporting a single site or corporate entity.
  • Intranet
    An intranet is a private, internal network that provides users access to applications within the agency.
  • Intranet
    a localized network of computers that is used to communicate electronically within that specific area.
  • Intranet
    Inter-connected network within one organization that uses Web technologies for the sharing of information internally, not world wide. Such information...
    Telecommunications within Connecticut.
  • IP
    Internet protocol. Standard format for transmitting data via the internet.
  • IP Address
    An IP address is an identifier for a computer or device on a TCP/IP network. Networks using the TCP/IP protocol...
  • IPT
    Integrated Product Team
  • irradiance
    The measure, in units of power, of radiant flux incident on a surface; it has the dimensions of energy per...
  • IRS
    Inertial Reference System
  • IRU
    Inertial Reference Unit
  • ISA
    Instrument Society of America.
  • ISA
    International Standard Atmosphere
  • isarithm
    A line connecting points of equal quantity on a map. A contour line is an isarithm.
  • ISDN
    Integrated Services Digital Network. A digital transmission standard using 144 kbps containing two 64 kbps voice channels and one 16...
  • ISDN
    See Integrated Services Digital Network.
  • ISDN
    Integrated Services Digital Network, a technology that digitally enhances regular telephone lines to provide users much faster data connections and...
  • ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
    a digital phone line that can transmit data, video and voice.
  • ISO
    International Standards Organization.
  • ISO
    International Standards Organization
  • ISP
    See Internet Service Provider.
  • ISP Internet Service Provider
    an entity that provides commercial access to the Internet. These can range in size from someone operating dial-up access with...
  • ITE
    Institute of Transportation Engineers
  • ITU
    International Telecommunications Union
  • IUEW
    International Union of Electrical Workers.
  • IXC
    Interexchange Carrier, a company that provides long-distance service.
  • Jacket
    An outer covering, usually nonmetallic, mainly used for protection against the environment.
  • JAL
    Japan Air Lines
  • jam acceleration
    rapid movement of the power lever, calling for maximum rat of engine rotor-speed increase.
  • JAN
  • JAR
    Joint Airworthiness Regulations
  • JATO
    Jet Assisted Takeoff
  • Java
    A web-friendly object-oriented programming language. By the mechanism of the Java Virtual Machine, Java applications are portable to virtually any...
  • Java
    is a programming language expressly designed for use in the distributed environment of the Internet. It can be used to...
  • Java
    Programming language developed by Sun Microsystems that creates code for interactive applications that is executable on web pages by web...
  • jet engine
    Any of a class of reaction engines that propel aircraft by means of the rearward discharge of a jet of...
  • jet silencer
    a device used to reduce and change the low frequency sound waves emitting from the engine's exhaust nozzle, to high...
  • Jitter
    Also called phase jitter, timing distortion, or inter-symbol interference. The slight movement of a transmission signal in time or phase...
  • jitter
    Small rapid variations in a variable (such as a waveform) due to deliberate or accidental electrical or mechanical disturbances or...
  • JL
    Japan Air Lines
  • JPEG Joint Picture Expert Group
    Standard for the compression of still pictures, such as those that might be used on a Web site.

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