Technology Glossary

  • GPS
    Global Positioning System
  • GPWS
    Ground Proximity Warning System (warns of inadequate separation from ground and excessive sink rate close to ground)
  • GRAF
    Ground Replay and Analysis Facility
  • gravity
    The force that pushes an object. An engine works to create enough thrust to help lift the airplane and counteract...
  • Great Circle
    The intersection of a plane through the center of the Earth and the surface of the Earth. The shortest distance...
  • Greenwich Mean Time GMT
    This term has been replaced with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  • grey level
    (1) A shade of grey representing a given radiometric level, or intensity, on the image. (2) A number or value...
  • gross thrust
    The thrust developed by the engine, not taking into account any presence of initial-air-mass momentum.
  • Ground
    A conducting connection between an electrical circuit and the earth or other large conducting body to serve as an earth...
  • ground control point GCP
    A geographic feature of known location that is recognizable on images and can be used to determine geometric corrections to...
  • ground data
    Supporting data collected on the ground, and information derived therefrom, as an aid to the interpretation of remotely sensed data....
  • ground resolution cell
    (1) The area of terrain that is covered by the instantaneous field of view of a detector. The altitude of...
  • ground track
    The vertical projection of the actual flight path of an aerial or space vehicle onto the surface of the...
  • ground truth ground observations
    Observations made on the ground at a site that is being imaged from space for the purpose of verifying either...
  • GRP
    Geographical Reference Points
  • GS
    Glide Slope
  • GS
    Ground Speed
  • GSFC
    Goddard Space Flight Center
  • GUI
    Graphical User Interface, which typically consists of a linked set of window-based forms (widgets) containing graphically displayed activation objects such...
  • GW
    Gross Weight
  • H320 Standard
    A widely-used video compression standard that allows a wide variety of videoconferencing systems to communicate. H.320 includes a number of...
  • HAC
    Hughes Aircraft Co.
  • HAI
    Helicopter Association International
  • Half Duplex
    Transmitters and receivers send or receive on the same pair of wires.
  • Handover
    the point when an organization accepts that a technology solution is complete and ready for routine usage.
  • Hard drive aka hard disk drive
    a device used to "permanently" store information within a computer, such as programs and data.
  • Hard Drive Hard Disk
    A rigid non-removable disk in a computer and the drive that houses it. Hard disks store more data and can...
  • Hardware
    the computer equipment used to do the work (i.e., operate software programs). It consists of the items you can touch,...
    Barometric Altitude
  • HDG
  • HDOT
    Inertial Vertical Speed
  • HDTV
    High definition (or high resolution) television
  • HE
    Altitude Error
  • Headend
    The electronic control center of a cable sys-tem. This is the site of the receiving antenna and the signal processing...
  • Header Code
    a single string of intelligent digital EAS ASCII data that includes the originator, event, location, time period, and other basic...
  • Hearing Carry Over HCO
    A form of TRS where a person with a speech disability is able to listen to the other end user...
  • Hearing Designation Order HDO
    A Commission term, a Hearing Designation Order institutes a comparative or other adjudicatory hearing proceeding, usually before an Administrative Law...
  • Help desk
    a set of procedures for getting speedy assistance to users concerning the use of a computer. Help may be provided...
  • Hertz
    Frequency in cycles per second
  • Hertz Hz
    A unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second (cps). One kilohertz equals 1000 cps; one megahertz equals 1...
  • HF
    High Frequency
  • Hierarchy
    A set of transmission speeds arranged to multiplex a successively higher number of circuits.
    An improved television system which provides approximately twice the vertical and horizontal resolution of existing television standards. It also provides...
    An improved television system which provides approximately twice the vertical and horizontal resolution of existing television standards. It also provides...
  • High Definition Television HDTV
    An improved television system which pro-vides approximately twice the vertical and horizontal resolution of the existing television standards. It also...
  • High Definition TV HDTV
    Regular NTSC signals have 525 lines of resolution. HDTV has 1125 lines of resolution having over five times the video...
  • High Frequency HF
    Radio frequencies in the band from 3 to 30 MHz.
  • HIRS
    High-Resolution Infrared Sounder
  • histogram
    A graphical representation of a frequency distribution by means of lines or rectangles that represent class intervals along the x-axis,...
  • Hl
  • Home page
    the introductory page on a Web site that usually contains a table of contents for the site and hot links...
  • Home Satellite Dish HSD
    A home receiver that permits the consumer to receive existing satellite transmissions.
  • Homerun
    A cable run that goes directly from a jack in a wall plate to a centralized position (patch panel). There...
  • Horizontal Consentration
    The share of consumers subscribing to a commonly owned system.
  • horsepower
    a unit of power equal to 33,000 ft.-lb of work per minute.
  • Host
    (n) A computer system that is accessed by a user from a remote location. Typically, the term is used when...
  • Host
    Your Internet access provider
  • Host Computer
    Facility located at the ARTCC which operates user application software, as well as certain peer network layer protocols required to...
  • Host Processor
    End system as defined by ISO that includes the OSI upper layer protocols (i.e., transport layer and above) and application...
  • HP
    Holding Pattern
    Pressure Altitude
  • HSI
    Horizontal Situation Indicator
  • HTML
    See Hypertext Markup Language.
  • HTML Hyper text markup language
    the formatting language used to create web pages and specify how a page will appear on screen.
  • Hub
    Hubs act as the center of a "star" topology. They have between 4 and 20+ ports. Internally, hubs are "dumb"...
  • Hub
    a device that links all client computers to the server.
  • HUD
    Head-Up Display
  • hue
    the attribute of a color that differentiates it from grey of the same brilliance and that allows it to be...
  • Hybrid Cable
    A cable design to meet many requirements. Most commonly, hybrid cables will contain a mixture of twisted-pair and coaxial, or...
  • Hyper text
    Text that links to other documents that can be retrieved from one document.
  • Hyper Text Mark Up Language HTML
    Hyper-Text Mark-up Language is the programming language used to design and present computer sites on the Internet in a graphical...
  • Hyper Text Transport Protocol HTTP
    The method for moving "hypertext" files across the Internet. Requires an HTTP pro-gram at one end and a server at...
  • hypersonic
    Very fast speed of flight. 3500 - 7000 MPH or Mach 5 to Mach 10. The space shuttle travel this...
  • Hypertext
    text that contains links to other parts of a document, or to documents held on another computer.
  • Hypertext
    Text with links to other text. Documents written as hypertext contain text that when "clicked on" by the user with...
  • Hypertext Markup Language HTML
    A formatting language used to create web pages and specify how a page will appear on screen.
  • HyperText Markup Language HTML
    Set of programming commands inserted around blocks of text that describe how to display it. HTML commands also display other...
  • IA
    Inspection Authorization
  • IAEI
    International Association of Electrical Inspectors.
  • IAOA
    Indicated Angle-of-Attack
  • IAS
    Image Assessment System
  • IAS
    Indicated Airspeed
  • IBEW
    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.
    Integrated Control in Avionics for Air Superiority
  • ICAO
    International Civil Aviation Organization
  • ICEA
    Insulated Cable Engineers Association (Formerly IPCEA).
  • ID
  • IDL
    Interface Description Language: how web-objects' interfaces are written, something like a contract. This "language" establishes interface data types (similar to...
  • IEC
    Independent Electrical Contractors association.
  • IEEE
    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
  • IEPR
    Integrated Engine Pressure Ratio
  • IF
    Intermediate Frequency
  • IFOV
    Instantaneous Field of View
  • IFR
    Instrument Flight Rules
  • IFRB
    International Frequency Registration Board
    Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor
  • IGS
    International Ground Stations
  • IIOP
    Internet Inter-ORB Protocol: the standard protocol that specifies how web-objects communicate across TCP/IP networks.
  • ILEC
    Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier. The historical monopoly provider of local telephone service.

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