Technology Glossary

  • Filtering
    Filtering is the process of controlling access to a network by analyzing the incoming and outgoing packets. A filter lets...
  • FIPS Number
    a five character ASCII code in the EAS headers that represents those counties affected by an EAS activation, as defined...
  • FIR
    Flight Information Region
  • Firewall
    An electronic boundary (or physical piece of hardware) that prevents unauthorized users and/or packets of data or information (e.g., files...
  • Firewall
    an electronic boundary that prevents unauthorized users and/or packets of data or information (e.g., files and programs) from accessing a...
  • Fix
    Position in space usually on aircraft's flight plan
  • Fixed Service
    Radio-communications service between specified fixed points.
  • Fixed Wireless
    These "computers" are wireless devices or systems that are in fixed locations, such as an office or home, as opposed...
  • FL
    Flight Level
  • Flash
    a popular authoring software developed by Macromedia. It is used to provide much in the way of web animation. It...
  • Flat file database
    a database where information is stored in a single table (e.g., a table in which there is a list of...
  • Flat Rate
    A method of pricing in which a fixed rate is charged for a given service, regardless of usage. The fixed...
  • FLCH
    Flight Level Change
    Flight Data Replay and Analysis System
  • Floppy disk
    see Diskette.
  • FLT
  • FM Cable Service
    The offering of FM radio signals over a cable system for a fee. A cable is connected to the...
  • FMA
    Flight Mode Annunciator: display on or near the PFDs of the current modes of autoflight system
  • FMC
    Flight Management Computer (also FMCS - FMC System)
  • FMGC
    Flight Management Guidance Computer
  • FMGS
    Flight Management Guidance System
  • FMS
    Flight Management System
    A Commission term, a Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making is issued by the Commission to further clarify and seek...
  • FO
    First officer
  • focal plane
    In an instrument such as the Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+), the plane occupied by the detectors, and on which...
  • focal point
    The point toward which light rays converge to form an image after passing through a lens or having been reflected...
  • Footprint
    The area of the earth's surface where a particular satellite's signal can be received. A footprint can cover one-third of...
  • Footprint
    The area in which a specific transmission can be received. Some footprints cover as much as one-third of the earth,...
  • FOQA
    Flight Operations Quality Assurance
  • forces of flight
    lift, drag, gravity, thrust
  • FPA
    Flight Path Angle
  • FPA
    Focal Plane Array
  • FPM
    Feet Per Minute
  • FQIS
    Fuel Quantity Indicating System
  • FR
  • FRA
    Flap Retraction Altitude
  • FRA
    Federal Railroad Administration
  • Frame
    A packet of transmitted information. The frame contains all of the necessary information to indicate the origin and destination, control...
  • frame
    Any individual member of a continuous sequence of images.
  • Frame rate
    Frequency with which video frames are displayed on a monitor, typically described in frames-per-second (fps). Higher frame rates improve the...
  • Frame Relay
    A packet-switching protocol for connecting devices on a Wide Area Network (WAN). Frame relay networks in the United States support...
  • Frames
    A feature supported by most modern web browsers than enables the web site author to divide the browser display area...
  • Franchise Authority
    The franchise authority is the local body, usually a local government enity, that enters into a contractual agreement with a...
  • Freeware
    Software, which is free to users and is avail-able from many locations on the Internet.
  • FREQ
  • Frequency
    A measurement of the number of electromagnetic waves that pass a given point in a given time period. It is...
  • Frequency Division Multiplexing
    FDM. Combining analog circuits by assigning each a different carrier frequency and merging them into a single communication signal.
    A signaling method that varies the carrier frequency in proportion to the amplitude of the modulating signal.
  • Frequency Modulation FM
    A means of adding voice or data to a radio frequency transmission by varying the carrier frequency. Broadcast stations in...
    A signaling method that varies the carrier frequency in proportion to the amplitude of the modulating signal.
  • Frequency Modulation FM
    Radio transmission covering 88-108 megahertz on the broadcast band. FM is less susceptible to interference than AM broadcasting, and is...
  • Frequently asked questions FAQs
    a listing of questions typically asked along with the answers to the questions. This list is prepared to help novice...
  • Frequently Asked Questions FAQs
    FAQs on Internet sites answer the most of-ten asked questions.
  • FSF
    Flight Safety Foundation
  • FT
  • FTP
    See File Transfer Protocol.
  • FTTC
  • FTTH
  • full aperture solar calibrator FAC or FASC
    One of two on-board external solar calibrators on Landsat 7 ETM+. The FASC consists of a nearly white panel, which...
  • Full Duplex
    Transmitters and receivers simultaneously send and receiver signals in both directions on the same pair of wires.
  • Full Motion Video
    Equivalent to broadcast television video with a frame rate of 30 fps. Images are sent in real time and motion...
  • fully processed
    In reference to Landsat images, those scene data, which have been both radiometrically, corrected and geometrically corrected through the ground...
  • Functional specifications
    a document that states in detail what a new (or upgraded) computer system should be expected to do, i.e., what...
  • Functions
    the tasks or actions that software is intended to perform.
  • FXO
    Foreign Exchange Office
  • FXS
    Foreign Exchange Station
  • G S
  • GA
  • GA
    General Aviation
  • gain
    A general term used to denote an increase in signal power in transmission from one point to another. Gain is...
  • Gantt chart
    a diagram that shows tasks and deadlines necessary for completing a project.
  • GAR
  • gas generator
    the combination of the compressor, combustion chamber and the turbine where the airflow has been compressed to a gas.
  • gas turbine
    the turbine converts gas energy into mechanical work to drive the compressor which is linked by a rigid shaft. (Sometimes...
  • Gateway
    an electronic device that allows for two different computer or networks to connect (i.e., it "translates" between networks that use...
  • Gateway
    Gateways provide a single source through which users can locate and gain access to a wide variety of computer services....
  • Gauge
    A term used to denote the physical size of a wire.
  • Gbps
    Giga bits per second, or Gbit/s. One billion bits persecond.
  • GCA
    Ground-controlled Approach
  • GCP
    Ground Control Point
  • GDLP
    Ground Data Link Processor (the Mode S subnetwork function within the ground system that implements the OSI network layer...
  • geodetic coordinates
    Quantities which define the position of a point on the spheroid of reference (for example, the Earth) with respect to...
  • geometric correction
    The transformation of image data, such as Landsat data, to match spatial relationships as they are on the Earth. Includes...
  • geometric image calibration
    The location of every pixel in a 2-dimensional satellite image to a specific spatial location on the ground. Geometric calibration...
  • Geostationary Orbit
    An earth orbit located directly above the equator, approximately 22,300 miles above the surface. Satellites in this orbit rotate at...
  • Geostationary Orbit
    The revolutionary path traveled by a satellite in which the satellite travels in sync with the Earth
  • Geostationary Satellite
    A satellite whose circular and direct orbit lies in the plane of the Earth
  • geosynchronous
    An Earth satellite orbit in which the satellite remains in a fixed position over a geographic location on the Earth....
  • GeoTIFF
    Geographic Tagged Image File Format
  • GHz
    Giga Hertz. One billion hertz, or cycles per second.
  • GHz
  • Gigahertz GHz
    A unit of frequency equal to one billion hertz (one billion cycles per second).
    A US satellite system that lets those on the ground, on the water or in the air determine their position...
  • Global Positioning System GPS
    Refers to a constellation of GPS satellites and associated ground systems that are used for navigation.
    A US satellite system that lets those on the ground, on the water or in the air determine their position...
  • GMT
    Greenwich Mean Time
  • GMT
    Greenwich MeanTime
  • GNSS
    Global Navigation Satellite System
  • Gopher
    A menu-based system for exploring the Internet. Users locate resources by selecting resources from menus.
  • Gopher
    A tool used on the Internet which permits users to locate and retrieve information quickly throughout the Internet.

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