Technology Glossary

  • Electronic Bulletin Boards
    Information services that can be reached via computers connected by modem and/or Internet. With these services users can gather information,...
  • Electronic data interchange EDI
    a format that prescribes how specific elements of data should be combined and formatted for computer-to-computer exchange.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer EFT
    An electronic system that transfers money and records financial transactions, replacing the use of paper.
  • Electronic Mail
    More often called E-Mail. E-mail is a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to communicate with individuals or groups on networked...
  • Electronic Mail E Mail
    E-Mail allows the user to send a message via a computer instantly to one or many persons around the world....
  • Electronic mail e mail software
    the computer programs that facilitate computer-to-computer communications among users in any location.
  • elevation
    Vertical distance from the datum, usually mean sea level, to a point or object on the Earth's surface. Not to...
  • ELT
    Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • Emergency Action Notification EAN
    the message for national EAS activation.
  • Emergency Action Termination EAT
    the message for national EAS termination.
  • EMI
    Electromagnetic Interference. The noise generated when stray electromagnetic fields induce currents in electrical conductors.
  • emission
    With respect to electromagnetic radiation, the process by which a body emits electromagnetic radiation as a consequence of its kinetic...
  • Emission
    In this context, radiation produced by a radio transmitting station.
  • emissivity
    Ratio of radiation emitted by a surface to the radiation emitted by a black body at the same temperature under...
  • EMP
    Electromagnetic Pulse
  • EMR
    electromagnetic radiation
  • EMS
    electromagnetic spectrum
  • EMS
    Emergency Medical Services
    An informal meeting held by the Commission to hear presentations on specific topics by diverse parties. The Commissioners, or other...
    An informal meeting held by the Commission to hear presentations on specific topics by diverse parties. The Commissioners, or other...
  • En Banc
    An en banc meeting is a hearing held by the Commissioners to hear various presentations on specific topics by diverse...
  • Encoder EAS
    an electronic device used by EAS participants to originate EAS alerts by creating the EAS codes for transmission to other...
  • Encoder Two Tone
    an electronic device that produces the two-tone signal for the EBS.
  • Encoding
    A means of combining clock and data information into a self synchronizing stream of signals.
  • Encryption
    the process of translating a file into an apparently unintelligible format (i.e., to encode it) via the use of mathematic...
  • ENG
  • engine cycle
    induction, compression, combustion, and expansion of air with the result of thrust being created.
  • Enhanced EBS
    means any system whereby the county EOC transmits EBS messages to broadcast stations over an existing local government radio system....
    A for-profit business that offers to transmit voice and data messages and simultaneously adds value to the messages it transmits....
    A for-profit business that offers to transmit voice and data messages and simultaneously adds value to the messages it transmits....
  • Enhanced Service Providers
    A for-profit business that offers to transmit voice and data messages and simultaneously add value to the message it transmits....
  • Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus ETM
    The sensor aboard Landsat 7 that picks up solar radiation reflected by, or emitted from the Earth.
  • enhancement
    The process of altering the appearance of an image so that the interpreter can extract more information. Some types of...
  • EOC
    Emergency Operations Center. The facility designated by local government as the coordination center to mitigate the effects of the emergency....
  • EOM Code
    End of Message: in ASCII form 'NNNN', this burst of data, sent three times signifies the end of an EAS...
    Earth Observation Satellite Company
  • ephemeris
    Any tabular statement of the assigned places of a celestial body (including a manmade satellite) for regular intervals. Ephemeris data...
  • EPR
    Engine Pressure Ratio
    Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
  • Equal Opportunity Equal Time Rule
    If a political candidate obtains time on a broadcast station, other candidates for the same office (or their appointed representatives)...
  • Equivalent facilitation
    A recognition that technologies may be either developed or used in ways not envisioned by the technical provisions in Subpart...
  • EROS
    Earth Resources Observation Systems. Also, Earth Resources Observation and Science, the USGS Data Center in Sioux Falls, SD.
  • EST
  • ETA
    EstimatedTime of Arrival
  • Ethernet
    A local area network standard.
  • Ethical standards
    guidelines for the appropriate use of the technology solution and the maintenance of privacy of the contents of the system....
  • ETM
    Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus
  • ETX
    End of Transmission
  • Event Code
    a three character ASCII code is the EAS headers that denotes the type or cause of emergency event.
  • Ex Parte Presentation
    Any communication addressing the merits or outcome of a particular proceeding made to decision-making personnel (or in some proceedings, from...
  • EXEC
  • Extranet
    the part of a company or organization's internal computer network which is available to outside users, for example, information services...
  • F
  • F D FD
    Flight Director
  • F D D I
    Fiber Distributed Data Interface.
  • FA
    Final Approach
  • FAA
    Federal Aviation Administration
  • FAC
    Full Aperture Calibrator
  • Facilities
    Term used by telecommunication engineers to indicate communications systems
    Telecommunications provider that owns its facilities in Connecticut.
  • Facsimile Fax
    The electronic transmission of printed material by electronic means over a telephone system. An image is scanned at a transmitting...
  • Facsimile Machine fax
    A telecopying device that electronically transmits written or graphic material over telephone lines to produce "hard copy" at a remote...
    Full Authority Digital Engine Control
  • FAF
    Final Approach Fix
  • FAIL
    FMC Fail
  • Failure
    The inability of a system, subsytem, unit or part to perform within previously specified limits.
  • fan
    The fan is the first component in a turbofan. The fan pulls air into the engine. The large spinning fan...
  • FANS
    Future Air Navigation Systems
  • FAQ
    List of frequently asked questions and their answers.
  • FAR
    Federal Aviation Regulations (federal rules under which flight operations are conducted)
  • FAR
    Federal Acquisition Regulation
  • FAST
    Final Approach Spacing Tool
  • FBO
    Fixed Based Operator
  • FCC
    Federal Communications Commission.
  • FCC
    Federal Communications Commission
  • FCC
    Flight Control Computer
  • FCC Number
    Sequential number assigned by the Secretary
  • FCC Record
    A bi-weekly comprehensive compilation of decisions, reports, public notices and other documents released by the Commission. The FCC Record replaced...
    Standards-based display format for communicating between videoconference systems from different vendors.
  • FCU
    Flight Control Unit
    Flight Data Acquisition and Management System
  • FDC
    Flight Data Company
  • FDR
    Flight Data Recorder
    Future European Air Traffic System
  • FEB
  • Federal Communications Commission FCC
    The FCC was established by the Communications Act of l934 and is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by...
  • Feed
    This refers to a satellite transmission of a package or documentary.
  • FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
    one of the three federal agencies that administer EAS; the Federal agency responsible for civil defense. It is the Federal...
  • FF
    Fuel Flow
  • FGS C
    Flight Guidance System/Computer
  • FHSS
    Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum
  • Fiber Optic Cable
    Bundled glass rods (fibers) that are extremely thin and flexible and are capable of transmitting voice, video, and data signals...
  • Fiber Optics
    A light wave or optical communications system in which electrical information is converted to light energy, transmitted to another location...
    A means for transmitting digital information (voice, video, data) over high purity, hair-thin fibers of glass in the form of...
  • Fiber Optics
    A method for the transmission of information (sound, video, data) in which light is modulated and transmitted over high purity,...
  • field of view
    The solid angle through which an instrument is sensitive to radiation. See instantaneous field of view, and resolution.
  • Figure 8 Cable
    An aerial cable configuration in which the conductors and the steel strand which supports the cable are integrally jacketed. A...
  • File
    a block of information stored on a magnetic media such as a floppy or hard disk or a tape. A...
  • File Transfer Protocol FTP
    A standard Internet protocol for transferring files from one computer to another.
  • Filled Cable
    A cable construction in which the cable core is filled with a gel material that will prevent moisture from entering...

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