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  • Digital Audio Broadcasting DAB
    Radio broadcasting using digital modulation and digital source coding techniques.
  • Digital certificate
    an attachment to an electronic message that allows the recipient to authenticate the identity of the sender via third party...
  • Digital Communication
    A communications format used with both electronic and light-based space systems that transmits audio, video, and data as bits ("1s"...
  • Digital Digitized
    Any type of information that can be out-put, transmitted and interpreted as individual bits of binary information (the use of...
  • digital image
    A digital image, or digitized image, or digital picture function of an image, is an image represented numerically in digital...
  • Digital Subscriber Line
    DSL. A service that transmits digital signals (to homes and small offices) via the existing copper wire used for voice...
  • Digital Subscriber Line DSL
    A high-bandwidth technology for connecting to the Internet using the copper telephone lines that exist in almost every home and...
    A new technology for transmitting and receiving broadcast television signals. DTV provides clearer resolution and improved sound quality.
    A new technology for transmitting and receiving broadcast television signals. DTV provides clearer resolution and improved sound quality.
  • DIR
    Direct Intercept
  • Direct Broadcast Satellite DBS
    a service intended to deliver satellite signals directly to consumers using small, relatively inexpensive receiver stations.
    A high-powered satellite that transmits or retransmits signals which are intended for direct reception by the public. The signal is...
    A high-powered satellite that transmits or retransmits signals which are intended for direct reception by the public. The signal is...
  • Direct Broadcast Satellite DBS DISH
    A high-powered satellite that transmits or retransmits signals which are intended for direct reception by the public. The signal is...
  • Direct Burial Cable
    A cable installed directly in the earth.
  • Direct Current DC
    An electric current which flows in only one direction.
  • DIS
  • Dish
    An earthbound dish-shaped antenna used for receiving satellite signals. Also referred to as downlink dish and ground receiving dish.
  • Disk
    a round plastic magnetic device on which computer programs and data are saved. There are three main types of disks:...
  • Disk drive
    a device that reads the information contained on a disk. The drive may be permanently installed inside the computer (hard...
  • Diskette
    a thin, plastic flexible disk on which computer programs and data can be saved outside of the computer. The two...
  • DIST
  • Distance Communication
    Use of telecommunication technology for the implementation of administrative activities such as meetings, focus group, or job interviews when the...
  • Distance Education
    See Distance Learning. The term distance education is often used synonymously with distance learning. However, distance education typically refers to...
  • Distance Learning
    A system and a process that connects learners with distributed learning resources. While distance learning takes a wide variety of...
  • Distant Signal
    A television channel from another market imported and carried locally by a cable television system.
  • distortion
    A change in scale from one part of an image to another.
  • Distributor
    A person/company that distributes signals from a satellite carrier and provides that transmission either directly to individual subscribers for private...
  • DL
  • DLP
    Data Link Processor (the FAA's ground automation system that supports the Mode S subnetwork (GDLP), internetwork (ATN router) and non-ATC...
  • DLR
    German Aerospace Research Establishment
  • DME
    Distance Measuring Equipment (ground navigational aid that can provide display of distance to selected ground navigational radio transmitter)
  • DMU
    Data Management Unit
  • DN
    digital number
    DownTrack Fix
  • Docket Number FCC term
    A number assigned to a proceeding opened by the issuance of either a Notice of Pro-posed Rule Making or a...
  • DOD
    Department of Defense
  • Domain Name
    Used in URLs to identify particular web pages or sites located on the Internet. For example, the domain name
  • DOT
    Department of Transportation
  • Downlink
    The part of a satellite system that includes the satellite itself, the receiving earth station and the signal transmitted from...
  • Download Receive
    To receive data from another computer into your computer. It is also called "receive." The opposite is called "Upload."
  • Downloading
    the process of transferring information from a remote computer to yours.
  • Downloading
    A procedure for transferring or retrieving a file from a distant computer. Opposite of uploading. Many Web sites have links...
  • drag
    The force that resists the motion of the aircraft through the air.
  • Drain Wire
    In a cable, the uninsulated wire in intimate contact with a shield to provide for easier termination of such a...
  • DRU
    Data Retrival Unit
  • DSL
    See Digital Subscriber Line.
  • DSL
    Digital Subscriber Line
  • DSL Digital Subscriber Lines
    this technology uses existing copper pair wiring that exists in almost every home and office. Special hardware attached to both...
  • DSPY
    Display (annunciation on CDU)
  • DSSS
    Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
  • DTE
    Data Terminal Equipment. Any piece of equipment at which the communication path begins or ends. A PC is DTE.
  • DTG
  • Duct
    An underground or overhead tube through which electrical conductors are pulled. Gives mechanical protection.
  • Dumb Terminal
    A dumb terminal is a "computer unit" that has a monitor and a keyboard that must connect to another computer...
  • Dumb terminal
    a unit that has a monitor and a keyboard and connects to another computer for it
  • Duplex
    A bi-directional transmission of the transmit and receive elements of a communication signal occurring simultaneously.
  • Duplex Video
    Two-way video communication capable of simultaneous origination and reception.
  • DVD ROM Digital Video Disc Read Only Memory
    a disc like a CD-ROM that has more storage (4.7 gigabytes) and can provide digital video.
  • DWDM
    Dense Wave Division Multiplexing
  • dwell time
    Refers to the momentary time interval during which a detector is able to, or allowed to, sense incoming electromagnetic radiation...
  • dynamic range
    the range between the maximum and minimum amount of input radiant energy that an instrument can measure.
  • E
  • E and M Signaling
    Ear (receive) and Mouth (transmit), a signal outside of the voice frequency range that can be used to activate a...
  • E D
  • E mail
    Electronic messages, typically addressed as person to person correspondence, that are transmitted between computers and across networks.
  • E mail address
    an identifying address for a user's mailbox; characters identifying the user are followed by the @ symbol and the address...
  • E O
  • EADI
    Electronic Attitude Director Indicator
  • EAN network
    the interconnection of the Federal Government with national networks and program suppliers used to disseminate the EAN messages.
  • Earth Station
    A ground-placed antenna used to transmit or receive signals to or from satellites, typically located in geostationary orbit.
  • Earth Station
    Equipment on earth that can transmit or receive satellite communications. In general usage, this term refers to receive-only stations.
  • EAS
    Equivalent Airspeed
  • EAS Emergency Alert System
    replaces the EBS. It really upgrades the existing EBS by including new and future digital techniques to achieve faster distribution...
  • EAS Local Area
    An FCC Local Area consists of at least one county and may consist of several counties or parts of counties....
  • EBS Emergency Broadcast System
    developed (the Civ-Alert Broadcast System) by the State of Hawaii Civil Defense Division and the Hawaii Association of Broadcasters in...
  • ECAM
    Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor
  • ECON
    Economy (minimum cost speed schedule)
  • ECS
    Environmental Control System
  • EDF
  • EDIS Emergency Digital Information Service
    California has enhanced its emergency information dissemination capability with digital communications techniques. It is called EDIS -- the Emergency Digital...
  • Edited
    Any package on AETN will be edited unless otherwise noted. All packages will be broadcast quality in content and...
  • EEC
    Electronic Engine Control
  • EFC
    Expected Further Clearance
  • EFIS
    Electronic Flight Instrument System
  • EGT
    Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • EHSI
    Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator
  • EIA
    Electronic Industries Association.
  • EIA TIA 568
    This is the color-code connection standard for an RJ-45 (8 conductor) connector. There are two wiring standards: 568A and 568B....
    Engine Indicating Crew Alerting System
  • EIU
    Electronic Interface Unit
  • Electricity
    The energy produced by the flow of "free" or valance electrons moving from one atom to another in a...
  • electromagnetic radiation
    Energy emitted as a result of changes in atomic and molecular energy states and propagated through space at the speed...
  • electromagnetic spectrum
    (1) A system that classifies, according to wavelength, all energy that moves, harmonically, at the constant velocity of light. (2)...
  • Electronic and information technology
    World-Wide-Web sites, multimedia, and office equipment such as copiers and fax machines. The term does not include any equipment that...
  • Electronic Bidding
    A process by which bidders in an auction use computers to place their bids. (See Spectrum Auction)
  • Electronic Book
    Computer program (often called an electronic book) that uses text, graphics, animation and audio to guide the user through an...
  • Electronic Bulletin Board
    A system located on a computer network which allows users to post or receive in-formation; it facilitates file sharing.

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