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  • Cookie
    a string of text relating to your activity at a particular World Wide Web site that is downloaded to your...
  • Coordinated Universal Time UTC
    This is an international standard time. It is time at Greenwich, England. With one clock as a standard, it ensures...
    Common Object Request Broker Architecture, a standard and an infrastructure for components (programs) that cooperate across the web in a...
  • Cord
    A small, flexible insulated cable.
  • Core
    In cables, a component or assembly of components over which additional components (shield, sheath, etc.) are applied.
  • COTR
    Contracting Officer's Technical Representative
  • COTS
    Commercial Off The Shelf
  • CP
    Control Panel
  • CPCN
    Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity
  • CPCS
    Obsolete designation for the principal local area EBS station. See "LP".
  • CPCS
    Cabin Pressure Control System
    Controller Pilot Datalink Communications
  • CPE Construction Term
    Jacketing compound based on chlorinated polyethylene.
  • CPE Network Term
    Customer Premise Equipment
  • CPF
    Calibration Parameter File
  • CPU
    See Central Processing Unit.
  • CPU
    Central Processing Unit
    A practice in which customers are billed for enhanced features such as voice mail, caller-ID and call-waiting that they have...
    A practice in which customers are billed for enhanced features such as voice mail, caller-ID and call-waiting that they have...
  • CRC
    Cyclic Redundancy Check
    Civil Rotorcraft IFR Terminal-Area Technology Enhancement Research
  • CRM
    Cockpit Resource Management
  • CRM
    Crew Research Management
  • cross calibration
    The radiometrical comparison of one sensor to another sensor on different satellites. Imagers are often considered to be cross-calibrated if...
  • Crosstalk
    Signal interference between nearby conductors caused by pickup of stray energy. It is also called induced interference.
  • Crosstalk
    The unwanted transfer of a signal from one circuit to another.
  • Crosstalk
    Occurs when a receiver on one communications channel inadvertently receives in-formation being sent by a neighboring communications channel, either radio...
  • CRS
  • CRT
    Cathode Ray Tube
  • CRZ
  • CSD
    Constant Speed Drive
    Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detect. The formal name for the medium access control (MAC) protocol used in Ethernet.
  • CTA
    Controlled-Time of Arrival
  • CTA
    Control Area (ICAO Term)
  • CTAS
    Center TRACON Automation System
  • CTC
    Centralized Train Central
  • CTR
  • CTR
    Civil Tilt Rotor
  • CTRL
  • cubic convolution
    A high-order resampling technique in which the brightness value of a pixel in a corrected image is interpolated, from the...
  • Customer Premises Equipment CPE
    Telephone terminal devices, such as handsets and private branch exchanges (PBXs), located on the customer
    Crew-Vehicle Simulation Research Facility (NASA Ames)
  • CWDM
    Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing
  • CWS
    Control Wheel Steering
  • Cyberspace
    A term introduced by science fiction author William Gibson in 1984. "Cyberspace" is where human interaction occurs over computer networks,...
  • Cycles Per Second
    CPS. The frequency of a wave, or the number of oscillations it makes persecond. One cycle per second equals one...
  • D
  • D D
    Drift Down
  • D TO Nl
    Derated Takeoff Engine Fan Speed
  • DA
    Descent Advisor
  • DADC
    Digital Air Data Computer
  • Dark Fiber
    Optical fiber installed without a transmitter or receiver. These fibers are the un-used fibers in a cable. Some fibers are...
  • data compression
    Any technique that condenses the available data so as to make data storage or transmission more efficient. Data compression can...
  • Data Link
    A data communications connection between two points.
  • Data Link Layer
    Layer 2 of the OSI reference model. This layer takes data from the network layer and passes it on to...
  • Database software
    a computer program that allows the storage of large amounts of information and give the capacity to search, retrieve, sort,...
    Digitized Information Transfer (air/ground)
  • dBm
    Decibels below 1 mW (milliwatt)
  • DBS
    Direct Broadcast Satellite.
  • DBS
    Direct Broadcast Satellite
  • dBu
    Decibels below 1
  • DC
    Direct Current Electricity
  • DCE
    Data Communications Equipment. Any equipment that connects to Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) to allow data transmission between DTEs. A modem...
  • DDS
    Digital Direct Satellite.
  • DE TO PR
    Derated Takeoff Engine Pressure Ratio
  • DEC
  • DEC
    Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Decibel dB
    A unit to express differences of power level. Used to express power gain in amplifiers or power loss in passive...
  • Decoder EAS
    an electronic device used by EAS participants to receive EAS alerts.
  • Decoder Two Tone
    an electronic device that alerts operators to the reception of the two-tone signal.
  • decompression
    A reversal of the process of data compression.
  • DECR
  • Dedicated Line
    A communications circuit or channel provided for the exclusive use of a particular subscriber. Dedicated lines are used for computers...
  • DEL
  • density
    mass per unit volume. Engine thrust depends on density of the air: the higher the density, the more thrust.
  • density slicing
    A general class of electronic or digital techniques used to assign linage points or data vectors to particular classes based...
  • DEP
  • DES
  • Descrambler
    An electronic circuit that restores an intentionally scrambled video signal to its original standard form.
  • Desktop Publishing
    Software programs that enable the user to use a microcomputer and a laser or color printer to produce relatively high-quality...
  • Desktop Videoconferencing
    Videoconferencing on a personal computer equipped with a fast Internet connection (at least 28.8 Kbps modem), a microphone, and a...
  • DEST
  • detector responsivity
    The radiometric response of an electronic detector that converts photons into voltage or current. Detector responsivity includes the end-to-end optical...
  • DEV
  • DFCB
    Data Format Control Book
    Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit
  • DFDR
    Digital Flight Data Recorder
  • DFGS C
    Digital Flight Guidance System/Computer
  • DFW
    Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
  • DGPS
    Differential GPS
  • DH
    Decision Height
    Long distance services that require consumers to dial a long-distance provider
    Long distance services that require consumers to dial a long-distance provider
  • Dial It Service
    A telecommunications service that permits simultaneous calling by a large number of callers to a single telephone number. There is...
  • Dial Up Services
    A dial-up service is a method of connection to the Internet through a modem and a traditional telephone line. Dial-up...
  • Dielectric
    Nonconductive material
  • Dielectric Strength
    The voltage which an insulation can withstand before breakdown occurs. Usually expressed as a voltage gradient (such as volts per...
  • diffuser
    air intake methods, in a variety of shapes to create different effects on the intake of the air.
  • Digital
    An encoded signal. Normally encoded in discrete levels to represent a binary signal of ones and zeros.
  • digital
    Representation of data in the form of discrete bits, or equal integral units. Contrast to analog.

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