Technology Glossary

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  • VS
    Design Speed for Maximum Gust Intensity
  • VSCS
    Voice Switching and Control System
  • VSI
    Stalling Speed in a Specified Flight Configuration
  • VSO
    Stalling Speed in the Landing Configuration
    Vertical or Short Takeoff and Landing
  • VTK
    Vertical Track Distance
  • VTOL
    Vertical Takeoff and Landing
  • VTR
    Variable Takeoff Rating
  • VU
    Utility Speed
  • VX
    Speed for Best Angle of Climb
  • VY
    Speed for Best Rate of Climb
  • W
  • W MOD
    With Modification of Vertical Profile
  • W STEP
    With Step Change in Altitude
  • W3C
    See World Wide Web Consortium.
  • WAAS
    Wide Area Augmentation System
  • WAN
    See Wide Area Network.
  • Watt
    A unit of electrical power. One watt is equivalent to the power represented by one ampere of current under a...
  • wave
    A disturbance which is propagated in a medium in such a manner that at any point in the medium the...
  • Waveguide
    A structure that guides electromagnetic waves along its length.
  • Wavelength
    The distance an electromagnetic wave travels in the time it takes to oscillate through a complete cycle.
  • wavelength
    Wavelength (symbol ?) = 1/frequency. In general, the mean distance between maximums (or minimums) of a roughly periodic pattern. Specifically,...
  • Wavelength
    The length of one complete wave of an alternating or vibrating phenomenon, generally measured from crest to crest or from...
  • Waypoint
    Position in space usually on aircraft's flight plan
  • WBC
    Weight and Balance Computer
  • WDM
    Wavelength-Division Multiplexing. Multiplexing of signal by transmitting them at different light frequencies through the same fiber.
  • Web based Training WBT
    A form of computer-based training in which the training material resides on web pages accessible through the World Wide Web....
  • Web browser
    software that allows a user to locate, view, and access information from World Wide Web sitesvia the use of a...
  • Web casting
    Communicating to multiple computers at the same time over Internet by "streaming" live audio and/or live video. Through compression and...
  • Web Portal
    See Portal.
  • Web site
    Related collection of web documents. The address for a web site (see URL) takes you to the initial page, or...
  • WEP
    Wired Equivalent Privacy
  • Wi Fi
    Wireless Fidelity
  • Wi Max
    Broadband Wireless
  • Wicking
    The flow of a liquid in a wire or cable due to capillary action.
  • Wide Area Network
    The term WAN is used to describe a data network used to interconnect a companies
  • Wide Area Network WAN
    A data communications linkage (e.g., dedicated line, radio waves) that allows users to communicate and share information over distances greater...
  • Wide area network WAN
    a data communications linkage (e.g. dedicated line, radio waves) designed to connect computers over distances greater than the distance transmitted...
  • Wide Area Telecommunications Telephone Service WATS
    Discount long-distance service offered to high-volume customers on a subscription basis.
    Wind Magnitude
    Wind Direction
  • Wireless Cable Multipoint Distribution Service
    Multipoint Distribution Service (MDS) is defined as a medium of mass communications. It may be licensed as a common carrier...
  • Wireless Communication
    Any broadcast or transmission which can be received through microwave or radio frequencies without the use of a cable connection...
  • WMSC
    Weather Message Switching Center
    Weather Message Switching Center Replacement
  • WO
    World Airways
  • Word processing software
    computer programs that allow documents to be typed, revised, formatted and printed quickly and efficiently (e.g. Word, Word Perfect).
  • work
    A force acting through distance.
  • World Wide Web Consortium W3C
    W3C is a forum for information, commerce, and collective action by a consortium of respected web inventors and developers who...
  • World Wide Web WWW
    a system that allows access to information sites all over the world using a standard, common interface to organize and...
  • World Wide Web WWW
    A hypertext-based, distributed information system originally created by researchers at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, to facilitate sharing...
  • World Wide Web WWW
    Created in Switzerland, WWW is client/ server software. It uses the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to exchange documents and images....
  • Worldwide Reference System WRS
    A global indexing system for Landsat data, first developed in Canada, which is based on nominal scene centers defined by...
  • WPA
    Wi-Fi protected access
  • WPT
    Way point
  • WRS
    Worldwide Reference System
    Weather Radio Specific Area Message Encoder, a device used by the National Weather Service to broadcast WRSAME data on the...
  • WT
  • WX
  • WXR
    Weather Radar
  • X band
    A radio frequency band extending from approximately 8.0 to 12.5 gigahertz. It is part of the microwave portion of the...
  • X BAND
    The frequency range between 8000 and 12500 MHz
  • XCVR
  • XFR
  • XLTR
  • XM
    External Master
  • XMIT
  • XML
    eXtensible Markup Language. A new emerging Web standard markup language, already under adoption by Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and many others....
  • XML Extensible Markup Language
    is a flexible way to create common information formats and share both the format and the data on the World...
  • XPD
    ATC Transponder (also XPDR, XPNDR, TPR)
  • XTK
    Crosstrack (cross track error)
  • XY
    Ryan Air
  • Y2K
    raised questions for anyone who depended on a program in which the year was represented by a two-digit number, such...
  • yaw
    The rotation of a spacecraft about its vertical axis so as to cause the spacecraft's longitudinal axis to deviate left...
  • zenith
    The point in the celestial sphere that is exactly overhead. Contrast with nadir.
  • ZFW
    Zero Fuel Weight
  • Zip Drive
    is a small, portable disk drive used primarily for backing up and archiving personal computer files.
  • ZNY
    New York Air Route Traffic Control Center

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