Technology Glossary

  • Basic Trading Area BTA
    Geographic boundaries that segment the country for licensing purposes. BTAs are based on Rand McNally
    British Airways Safety Information System
  • batch processing
    Pertaining to the technique of executing a set of computer programs such that each program of the set is completed...
  • Baud
    The number of signal level transitions per second in digital data. The term is often confused with bits per second....
  • Baud
    A measure of the speed at which data is transmitted, computed in number of elements changed per second. The "Baud...
  • Baud Rate
    The transmission rate at which data flows between computers. The baud rate is roughly equivalent to the number of bits...
  • Baud Rate
    the speed of data transmitted, equal to the number of elements sent per second (equal to bits per second if...
  • Baudot
    A seven-bit code, only five of which are information bits. Baudot is used by some text telephones to communicate with...
  • BER
    Bit Error Rate. The number of bit errors that occur within the space of one second. This measurement is one...
  • BF
  • bias
    (1) In image processing, a persistent difference (not due to sampling error) between the true value of a population characteristic...
  • Bidding Credit
    A spectrum auction term. It is a credit given to eligible FCC auction applicants which allows them to receive a...
  • bidirectional reflectance
    A unitless measure of the ratio of incoming to outgoing radiation created from converting a radiometrically calibrated image to an...
  • Binary Information Unit or Binary Digit BIT
    The smallest unit of digital information. A single digit number in "base-2", either a 0 or a 10. Bandwidth is...
  • Bird
    A colloquial expression used to refer to a communications satellite.
  • bit
    (1) An abbreviation of binary digit. (2) A unit of memory corresponding to the ability to store the result of...
  • Bit
    the smallest unit of computer memory, eight of which constitute a byte. The value of each bit, as limited by...
  • Bit binary digit
    The smallest unit of information a computer can use. A bit is represented as a "0" or a "1" (also...
  • BIT E
    Built-ln-Test (Equipment)
  • Bit Rate
    the speed of binary data transmitted, equal to the number of digital bits sent per second. For EAS, 6250/12 =...
  • Bitnet
    An academic and research computer network that stores and forwards messages sent between users. This system was a precursor to...
  • black body
    An ideal body which, if it existed, would be a perfect absorber and a perfect radiator, absorbing all incident radiation,...
  • Blackout
    A term used to describe the non-broadcast of a live event (i.e. sports, cultural) usually imposed by the sponsor(s) of...
    A process that prevents certain types of calls to or from customer premise equipment, keeping users from accessing alternate networks...
  • Bookmark
    a shortcut to an Internet site that is stored and accessed via a Web browser (also called "favorite").
  • Booster
    A television or FM broadcast station, operating at relatively low power that receives a distant input signal, amplifies it, and...
  • Bps
    Bytes per second. Term used by software engineers to describe bandwidth.
  • BRG
  • Bridge
    A device that allows multiple communication circuits to use a common circuit. Only one circuit can be connected to the...
  • brightness
    The attribute of visual perception in accordance with which an area appears to emit more or less light. One of...
  • brightness value
    (Landsat usage) A number in a range of 0-63, 0-127, or 0-255 that is related to the amount of radiance...
  • Broadband
    Generally used to describe data transmission requirements of greater than 128 Kbps.
    Broadband is a descriptive term for evolving digital technologies that provide consumers a signal switched facility offering integrated access to...
    Broadband is a descriptive term for evolving digital technologies that provide consumers a signal switched facility offering integrated access to...
  • Broadband
    Broadband is a descriptive term for evolving digital technologies offering consumers a single switched facility offering integrated access to voice,...
  • Broadcast
    To transmit a signal over the spectrum to be received by two or more receiving de-vices.
  • Broadcast Transmission
    Sending the same signal to many locations.
  • Browser
    A software application used to locate and display web pages. The two most popular web browsers are Netscape
  • Browser
    see Web browser.
  • Browser
    Software that allows you to "surf " the Internet. Netscape, Mosaic, and Internet Explorer are examples of Web browsers. A...
  • Browser
    A software program used to query, search and view information on computer sites connected to the Internet.
  • BRT
  • BSPP Broadcast Service Protection Program
    EAS sources that have government-furnished equipment.
  • buffer
    A temporary storage device or circuitry which retains data for transmission between two equipment units, usually in order to compensate...
  • Bug
    a glitch that keeps a software program from being able to perform all of its capabilities or that affects its...
  • Build versus buy analysis
    a process of considering the needs of the organization and the available options, costs, and staff to determine the most...
  • Building Wire
    Insulated single conductors, 600 volts, used for supplying power for lighting, operating machinery, controls, etc. Usually installed through conduits/trays inside...
  • bumper mode
    Satellite scanners operating in backup bumper mode. Landsat-type sensors such as the Thematic Mapper (TM) and the Enhanced Thematic Mapper...
  • Bundle
    A group of wires (or fiber strands) contained within a single wrapper.
  • Bus
    An electrical transmission path for carrying information, usually serving a shared connection for multiple devices.
  • Business case
    a document providing a description of the desired technology solution and the anticipated costs and benefits.
  • Business process re engineering
    the process of solving an organization
  • Byte
    Eight bits of data.
  • byte
    A group of consecutive bits (usually 8 bits) that is operated upon as a single unit of information in a...
  • Byte
    the amount of memory space needed to store one number, letter or symbol in a computer.
  • Byte
    A set of "bits" that represent a single character. Usually there are eight bits in a Byte.
  • C
  • C band
    A type of satellite transmission with less path loss than other satellite standards such as Ku-band. C-band, however, requires a...
  • CAA
    Civil Aviation Authority (Great Britain)
  • CAAC
    Civil Aviation Authority of China
  • CAB
    Civil Aeronautics Board
  • Cable
    A group of individually insulated conductors in twisted or parallel configuration, with an overall outer jacket.
  • Cable Converter Box
    Equipment often provided by a cable company in a subscriber
  • Cable Modem
    A modem (q.v.) designed to operate over cable-TV lines rather than phone lines.
  • Cable Signal Leakage
    Excessive levels of radio frequency (RF) energy that leak from cable television systems. Leak can cause interference to com-munications users,...
  • Cable Television Relay Service CARS
    The relaying of television, FM radio, cablecasting and other signals on a micro-wave frequency band to a terminal for distribution...
  • Cable Television Transmission
    The transmission, usually for a fee, of television signals, including signals that originate at over-the-air television stations, to consumers on...
  • Cables
    the collections of wires twined together to connect peripherals to the computer system unit.
  • Cache
    an area of disk space which stores the text and graphics of a viewed web page. When the web page...
  • Cache
    Memory that holds copies of recently accessed data. Several Web browsers keep recently viewed pages in a cache so users...
  • calibration
    The adjustment or systematic standardization of the output of a quantitative measuring instrument or sensor.
  • calibration data
    In remote sensing, measurements pertaining to the spectral or geometric characteristics of a sensor or radiation source. Calibration data are...
  • calibration lamps
    Lamps carried into orbit on imaging sensors for the purpose of measuring the responsivity of reflective band detectors as a...
  • calibration parameter file
    Computer files of fixed parameters used in the ground processing system to convert raw uncalibrated bits from a spacecraft imager...
  • California Law Enforcement Radio System
    A statewide, microwave-linked, VHF and UHF point-to-point radio system with 22 mountaintop transmitters in California, Nevada and Oregon. The CLERS...
  • Call Sign
    Each Amateur Radio station is assigned a call sign by the government of that country which allows the operator to...
    A telecommunications credit card with an authorization code for using a long distance carrier when the customer is away from...
    A billing method in which a wireless phone caller pays only for making calls and not for receiving them. The...
    A billing method in which a wireless phone caller pays only for making calls and not for receiving them. The...
  • can annular chamber
    This type was a combination of the can and annular type chambers. A number of flame tubes are fitted inside...
  • can type chamber
    Chambers are arranged around the engine and the air is delivered into ducts in each chamber. Each chamber has an...
    Originally a long distance company that leases facilities to carry a call; the term is now used to describe companies...
  • Carrier Hotel
    A large building where communication carriers place equipment to provide connections between their respective systems.
  • Carrier Sense
    Carrier Sense is the process used by devices on Ethernet to determine whether the cable is currently being used by...
  • CAS
    Calibrated (Computed) Air Speed
  • Cascading Style Sheets CSS
    are used to design web pages. They are web pages derived from multiple sources with a defined order of precedence...
  • CASE
    Computer Aided Software Engineering
  • CAT
    Clear Air Turbulence
  • CAT
    Computer Aided Testing
  • CAT I
    Facility providing operation down to 200 feet decision height and runway visual range not less than 2600 feet.
  • CAT II
    Facility providing operation down to 100 feet decision height and runway visual range not less than 1200 feet.
  • CAT II a
    Facility providing operation with no decision height limit to and along the surface of the runway with external visual reference...
  • Category 5
    Commonly referred to as "Cat 5". A type of twisted pair copper cable that meets standards for transmitting high speed...
  • CATV
    An acronym for Community Antenna Television.
  • CBT
    Computer Based Training
    International Consultative Commission on Telephone and Telegraph, an arm of the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) a standards setting body.
  • CCTV
    Closed Circuit Television.
  • CD ROM compact disc read only memory
    a round silver colored plastic disk that comes with massive amounts of information embedded and ready to be used. Unlike...
  • CDI
    Course Deviation Indicator
  • CDTI
    Cockpit Display of Traffic Information

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