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  • radiometric reflective band calibration radiance
    Calibration equations to convert unitless values from an optical satellite imager in Digitals Numbers (DNs) to engineering or scientific units...
  • Radiotelegraphy
    The use of a radio (instead of wire) to communicate a messages over a distance.
  • Radiotelephony
    The use of radio to communicate sounds (e.g., speech).
  • Rain Outage
    Loss of signal at Ku-band satellite frequencies due to absorption and increased sky noise caused by rainfall or ice crystals...
  • ram
    The amount of pressure buildup above amient pressure at the engine's compressor inlet, due to forward motion of the engine...
  • RAM
    See Random Access Memory.
  • ram ratio
    The ratio of ram pressure to ambient pressure.
  • ram recovery
    The ability of an engine's air inlet duct to take advantage of ram pressure.
  • Random Access Memory RAM
    The place in the computer where the operating system, applications programs, and data in current use are kept temporarily. When...
  • Random access memory RAM
    the space in the computer on which information is temporarily stored while the computer is on.
  • range brightness
    Variation in light intensity from maximum to minimum. This generally refers to a subject to be imaged or photographed.
  • range dynamic
    The difference between maximum measurable signal and minimum detectable signal. The upper limit usually is set by saturation and the...
  • RAPS
    Recovery Access Presentation System
    Rotorcraft Air Crew Systems Concepts Airborne Laboratory
  • raster
    Refers to the two-dimensional array of pixels in an image.
  • ratio image
    An image prepared by processing digital multispectral data. For each pixel the value for one band is divided by that...
  • RBOC
    Regional Bell Operating Company
  • RCP
    Radio Control Panel
  • RDP
    Radar Data Processing (system)
  • REA
    Rural Electrification Administration of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Publishes telephone cable and wire specifications and a list of approved...
  • Reach
    "Reach" refers to the availability of a service in the community. It is the number of homes to which the...
  • Read Write Drive
    A read-write drive is a device that enables a computer to read or write data, ranging from a simple floppy...
  • real time
    Time in which the recording of an event is simultaneous with the event. The real time of a satellite is...
  • Real Time
    An application in which information is received and immediately responded to without any time delay. See Synchronous.
  • Real Time
    Usually used to describe situations when two or more people are interacting via their keyboards on the computer in real...
  • Receiver
    A device that detects a communication signal and converts it into sound, data, or video.
  • Receiving Sites
    All sites, other than the originating site, participating in a course or meeting that is distributed with technology such as...
  • rectification
    Process by which a tilted or oblique image is projected onto a horizontal reference plane, the angular relation between the...
  • Redeployment
    the assignment of a computer to a new task or office once it has been replaced by a newer...
  • REF
  • reflectance
    A measure of the ratio of outgoing to incoming radiation calculated by converting a radiometrically calibrated image to an innate...
  • reflectance based calibration
    The field calibration of satellite sensors by measurement of reflected solar radiation from targets of known or measured reflectance that...
  • Regenerator
    A receiver-transmitter device that detects a weak signal, converts it to its original state, and then transmits is as a...
  • regime
    An aircraft speed category.
  • registration
    The translation-rotation rectification alignment process by which two images of like geometries and of the same set of objects are...
  • Regulatory Fee
    A fee charged users of certain FCC services, such as license applicants and holders, to help support such services. Regulatory...
  • Relational database
    a database where data are stored in more than one table, each one containing different types of data. The different...
  • relative spectral response RSR
    The relative spectral transmittance as a function of wavelength. Relative spectral response (RSR) measurements are assumed to be constant for...
  • Release
    an edition of a software program released when minor changes or bug-fixes have been made. Releases are usually shown by...
  • Remote access
    the act of accessing a computer or network from a location that is removed from the physical site of the...
  • remote sensing
    In the broadest scene, the measurement or acquisition of information of some property of an object or phenomenon, by a...
  • Repeater
    A receiver-transmitter device that detects a weak signal and boosts its power for continued transmission. This device is also called...
  • Report and Order
    A Commission term. After considering comments and reply comments to Notices of Inquiries or Notices of Proposed Rulemakings, the FCC...
  • REQ
  • REQ
  • Required Monthly Test RMT
    See "Tests". A coordinated monthly test of EAS operations involving the full receiving and transmission of EAS codes, Attention Signal,...
  • Required Weekly Test RWT
    See "Tests." An independent weekly test of EAS equipment only involving the decoding and encoding of EAS header codes and...
  • Resale Carrier or Reseller
    A carrier that does not own transmission facilities, but obtains communications services from another carrier for resale to the public...
    A company that purchases large amounts of transmission capacity or calls from other carriers and resells it to smaller...
  • Resistance
    In DC circuits, the opposition a material offers to current, measured in ohms. In AC circuits, resistance is the real...
  • Resolution
    the clarity of the images produced on a monitor screen. The sharpness of the image on a display depends on...
  • Resolution
    The clarity of the image on video display screen. Three factors influence resolution: lines of resolution (vertical and horizontal), raster...
  • Resolution
    The amount of detail that can be seen in a broadcast image. The resolution of a TV screen is defined...
  • resolution cell
    The smallest, most elementary areal constituent of the grey shades considered by an investigator in an image. A resolution cell...
  • resolution spatial
    The ability of an imaging system to distinguish closely spaced objects in the subject area. Can be expressed as the...
  • return beam vidicon RBV
    As used on Landsat 1 and 2, a camera system which operated by shuttering three independent cameras simultaneously, each sensing...
  • RF
    Radio Frequency. A general term used to indicate a radio system.
  • rf
    radio frequency
  • RG U
    Abbreviation for Radio Grade, Universal. RG is the military designation for coaxial cable and U stands for "general utility".
  • RGB Monitor
    Video display screen with colors Red, Green, Blue as light waves. The three colors combined in different ways produce all...
  • Ribbon Cable
    A cable in which many conductors (copper or fiber) are embedded in a plastic material in parallel, forming a flat,...
  • RJ 11
    RJ-11 is standard modular phone connector. There are 3 different types: 2, 4, and 6 conductor connectors. They're all the...
  • RJ 45
    RJ-45 is the 8-conductor version of an RJ-11. It looks like a regular modular phone connector, only it's wider. You...
  • RMPs
    Radio Management Panels
  • RMT Monthly
    The coordinated monthly EAS test requires that all local area EAS participants simulcast a 30-second, digital opening + audio message...
  • RNAV
    Area Navigation (generic acronym for any device capable of aircraft guidance between pilot-defined waypoints
  • RNP
    Required Navigation Performance
    The use of a wireless phone outside of the "home" service area defined by a service provider. Higher per-minute rates...
    The use of a wireless phone outside of the "home" service area defined by a service provider. Higher per-minute rates...
  • roll
    The rotation of a spacecraft about its longitudinal axis (in the along-track direction) so as to cause a side-up or...
  • Router
    A device that has enough intelligence to be connect one, or many, devices to other devices. Typically used in Local...
  • Router
    The device or software that determines the next network point to which a packet (q.v.) will be forwarded. The packet...
  • Router
    a device that regulates network traffic as its enters another network, and makes sure that messages go to the correct...
  • Router
    An ATN network layer gateway which performs the relaying and routing of data packets across interconnecting subnetworks based on the...
  • row
    The latitudinal (nominal) centerline of a Landsat scene. Row 60 corresponds to lat. 0
  • rpm
    Revolutions per minute
  • RPU Radio Pickup Unit
    The FCC term for transceivers used by the broadcast industry to originate programming from remote locations (i.e., sporting events, news...
  • RS 232
    a common interface standard which specifies the mechanical connection, electronic signals, and the function of the signals carried across the...
  • RTA
    Required Time of Arrival
  • RTCA
    Radio Technical Committee on Aeronautics
  • RTE
  • Rulemaking Number
    A number assigned to a proceeding after the appropriate Bureau/Office has reviewed and accepted a Petition for Rulemaking, but before...
  • Rural Cellular Radio Service Area
    A market area not based on Metropolitan Statistical Areas which under existing rules applicants may propose to provide with cellular...
  • RVR
    Runway Visual Range
  • RW
  • S
  • S band
    A radio frequency band extending from approximately 2.0 to 4.0 gigahertz. It is part of the microwave portion of the...
  • S C
    Step Climb
  • SA
    Situation Awareness
  • SAME
    Specific Area Message Encoder. A National Weather Service term. Same as WRSAME.
  • SAS
    Scandinavian Airlines System
  • SAT
    Static Air Temperature
    Satellite Communications
    A radio relay station that orbits the earth. A complete satellite communications system also includes earth stations that communicate with...
  • Satellite
    An earth-orbiting device used for receiving and transmitting signals. Each satellite has a number of transponders which receive the signal...
    A radio relay station that orbits the earth. A complete satellite communications system also includes earth stations that communicate with...
  • Satellite
    A radio relay station that orbits the earth. A complete satellite communications sys-tem also includes earth stations which communicate with...
  • Satellite Carrier
    An entity that owns or leases the facilities of a satellite or satellite service to establish and operate a channel...

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