Technology Glossary

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    Performance Buffet Limit
    Nominal Bank Angle
  • PHY
    Physical Layer Device. The name used for a transceiver in Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet systems.
  • Physical Address
    The 48-bit MAC address assigned to a station interface, identifying that station on the network.
  • Physical security
    measures that must be taken to prevent theft, vandalism, and other types of harm to the technology equipment.
  • picture element pixel
    A unit whose first member is a resolution cell and whose second member is the grey shade assigned to that...
    Pilot Reports
  • pitch
    The rotation of a spacecraft about the horizontal axis normal to its longitudinal axis (in the along-track direction) so as...
  • pixel
    Abbreviation of picture element.
  • Pixel
    The smallest area of a television picture capable of being sampled, transmitted through a system and displayed on a...
  • Pixels
    in computers, pixels per inch (ppi) is a measure of the sharpness (that is, the density of illuminated points) on...
  • planetary albedo
    A unitless measure of the ratio of outgoing to incoming solar radiation created by converting a radiometrically calibrated image observed...
  • Platform
    the computer hardware and operating system software that runs application software.
  • Plenum
    The air return path of a central air handling system, either ductwork or open space over a dropped ceiling.
  • Plenum Cable
    Cable approved by Underwriters Laboratories for installation in plenums without the need for conduit because the insulation and jacket compounds...
  • Plug Ins
    Plug-Ins are software pieces that add a specific feature or service to a larger system. For example, in order to...
  • PMS
    Performance Management System
  • PN Participating
    formerly a Primary station. A PN is a participating station; i.e., any broadcast station (and cable TV firm) that broadcasts...
  • PND
    Primary Navigation Display
  • PNF
    Pilot Not Flying
  • point spread function
    The inferring of spatial characteristics of the instrument from the collected image of a point source such as a star....
  • Point to Point Transmission
    Carrying a communication signal between two locations without branching to other locations.
  • polar orbit
    A satellite orbit that passes over, or very close to, both poles of the Earth. Landsat 4, 5, and 7...
  • Pole Attachment
    A communications relay or receiving de-vice attached to a pole, duct or conduit owned or controlled by a utility...
  • Polyethylene
    A thermoplastic material having the chemical identity of polymerized ethylene.
  • Polyvinyl Chloride PVC
    A thermoplastic material composed of polymers of vinyl chloride which may be rigid or flexible depending on specific formulation.
    Parallel Object Oriented Methods and Applications: Los Alamos' approach to doing parallel scientific computing by using high-level object descriptions of...
    Parallel Object Oriented Methods and Applications: Los Alamos' approach to doing parallel scientific computing by using high-level object descriptions of...
  • Pop Up Ads
    Advertisements that appear in a separate browser window while a web site is being viewed.
  • Port
    A connection point on a hub, router, bridge, switch, etc.
  • Portable Document Format PDF
    A file format developed by Adobe Systems
  • Portal
    (Also, web portal.) "Portal" refers to a web site or service that offers a broad array of resources and services,...
  • POS
    Position Initialization
    Position Reference
  • POTS
    Plain Old Telephone Service, basic voice phone service.
  • power
    The rate of doing work ;work per unit of time.
  • PPI
    Plan Position Indicator
  • PPOS
    Present Position
  • Premium Channels
    Channels not included in a cable provider
    The charge the local exchange company assesses the long distance company when a consumer picks it as his or her...
    The charge the local exchange company assesses the long distance company when a consumer picks it as his or her...
  • Preselected code
    an EAS event which the operator of EAS equipment has chosen to be automatically encoded and retransmitted upon reception.
  • pressure of gas
    pressure equals force divided by unit area.
  • Presubscription
    This term is used to describe the selection of a particular long distance carrier to handle all calls for "1+dialing"...
  • PREV
  • Primary
    (obsolete) See PN.
  • primary color
    One of the three colors, either additive (blue, green, and red) or subtractive (cyan, yellow, and magenta) that may be...
  • Primary Entry Point PEP
    They are the key broadcast stations throughout the United States which together can provide national emergency information in the event...
  • Primary Interexchange Carrier PIC
    The PIC is the main long distance carrier used for "1+dialing" through which all interstate long distance toll calls are...
  • Printer
    a device that translates signals from a computer into words and images onto paper in black and white or color....
  • Private Home Viewing
    The viewing of television in a private home with reception by satellite equipment that is operated by an individual in...
  • Private Line Service
    Dedicated telecommunications channels provided between two points or switched among multiple points. Privately leased for high-volume voice, data, audio or...
  • Private Radio Service
    Radio communications authorized for local governments and private enterprises. Amateur and citizen band radio are private radio services as are...
  • PROC
  • PROF
  • PROG
    Progress Page on MCDU
  • Program Log
    Records once kept by a broadcasting station in a public file which provided a record of programs broadcast, program type...
  • Program Priorities
    the precedence of the information that must be transmitted during an EAS activation, namely national, local, and state activations in...
  • Project management software
    software programs that provide tools to help manage projects, such as integrated calendars, report generators, scheduling, charting, tracking, prioritizing,...
  • Project team
    the group of persons responsible for carrying out the successful implementation of the technology solution.
  • propulsion
    The energy used to propel or drive forward an airplane.
  • Protocol
    A set of agreed upon rules and message formats for exchanging information among devices on a network.
  • Protocol
    a standard set of guidelines by which digital information is encoded and decoded, including the common code structure, the character...
  • Protocols
    the set of standards and rules that let networked computers communicate or share information, such as Ethernet or token...
  • PROV
  • PS
    Pacific Southwest Airways
  • PT
    Total Pressure
  • PTH
  • Public Notice PN
    A Public Notice is issued by the Commission to notify the public of an action taken or an upcoming...
  • Pulling Eye
    A device fastened to a cable to which a hook may be attached in order to pull the cable through...
    Telecommunications provider that simply resells the services of another service provider
  • PVC Construction Term
    Polyvinyl chloride.
  • PVC Network Term
    Permanent Virtual Circuit
  • PVD
    Plan View Display
  • QAR
    Quick Access Recorder
  • QRH
    The barometric pressure as reported by a particular station
  • QTY
  • QUAD
  • quantization level
    The number of numerical values used to represent a continuous quantity.
  • quantize
    (1) To restrict a variable to discrete values, each of which is normally an integral multiple of the same quantity....
  • Quorum
    At the FCC, the minimum number of Com-missioners required to be present at a meeting or to participate in voting...
  • R
  • R
    Route Tuned NAVAID
  • R C
    Rate of Climb
  • RAD
  • RAD
  • radar
    Short for "radio detection and ranging," radar sends out short pulses of microwave energy and records the returned signal's strength...
  • Radar
    A radio determination system based on the comparison of reference signals with radio signals reflected, or retransmitted, from the position...
  • radian
    A unit of angle subtended by an arc of a circle equal in length to the radius of the...
  • radiance
    Measure of the energy radiated by an object. In general, radiance is a function of viewing angle and spectral wavelength...
  • radiance based calibration
    The empirical calibration of satellite sensors by measurement of upwelling radiation from targets that are viewed on the ground or...
  • radiation
    The process by which electromagnetic energy is propagated through free space by virtue of joint undulatory variations in the electric...
  • Radiation
    The outward flow of energy from any source in the form of radio waves.
  • Radio Broadcast Data System RBDS
    a defined protocol for data that is transmitted on the 57Hz subcarrier of FM radio broadcast stations utilized mainly by...
  • Radio Common Carrier
    Part of the domestic land mobile radio service. Signals are received and transmitted from mobile transmitters.
  • Radio Determination
    The determination of the position, velocity and/or other characteristics of an object, or the obtaining of information relating to these...
  • Radio Frequency RF
    Radio frequency refers to a signal generated by a radio transmitter and sent out through an antenna. The frequency of...
  • radiometer
    An instrument for detecting and measuring electromagnetic radiant energy.
  • radiometric emissive band calibration brightness temperature
    Equations converting unitless digital numbers (DN) from the satellite imager to brightness temperature, a measure of the amount of energy...

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