Technology Glossary

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  • Maintenance agreement
    a contract with an outside service or agency to fix a computer system (or its components) when it breaks, or...
  • Major Trading Area MTA
    Boundaries that segment the country for telecommunication licensing purposes. MTAs are based on Rand McNally
  • MAN
    Metropolitan Area Network. Backbone system deployed in metropolitan areas to connect Telephone Companies, Carriers, Carrier Hotels, and large office...
  • MAN
  • MAP
    Missed Approach
  • map projection
    Any systematic arrangement of meridians and parallels portraying the curved surface of a sphere or spheroid upon a plane.
  • Mapbook
    a list of broadcast and cable systems and their EAS designation delineated by state and local area for use by...
  • MAR
  • Margin
    Allowance for attenuation (or loss) in addition to that explicitly accounted for in a system design.
  • Mark Frequency
    the audio frequency of AFSK modulation that corresponds to a digital bit of one (1); the mark frequency of EAS...
  • mask
    Any material or digital procedure used to obscure or define a part of the image.
  • mass
    The amount of matter contained within a substance.
  • Master Antenna Television System
  • MATV
    An antenna system that serves a concentration of TV sets such as in an apartment building or hotel. MATV utilizes...
  • MAX
    Maximum engine thrust for two-engine climb
    Maximum engine thrust for two-engine cruise
  • Mbps
    Megabits per second. Also expressed as Mbit/s.
  • MCA
    Minimum Crossing Altitude
  • MCDU
    Multipurpose Control Display Unit
  • MCP
    Mode Control Panel (pilots' interface to the autoflight system; usually located centrally just below cockpit glare shield)
  • MCT
    Maximum Continuous Thrust
  • MCW
    Modulated Continuous Wave
  • MDA
    McDonnell-Douglas Aerospace
  • MDA
    Minimum Descent Altitude
  • MDL
    Multipurpose Data Link
  • MEA
    Minimum Enroute Altitude
  • Meeting
    At the FCC, the term "meeting" is applicable for the "Sunshine Act" (see Sunshine Act). The deliberations of at least...
  • Megabyte MB
    the amount of computer memory needed to store 1,048,576 characters, which is approximately equal to one novel. Megabytes are used...
  • Megahertz MHz
    a measure of the clock speed of a central processing unit expressed in millions of cycles per second.
  • Megahertz MHz
    One million cycles per second. Used to describe a radio frequency.
  • MEL
    Minimum Equipment List
  • Member
    At the FCC, the term "member" refers to a Commissioner.
  • Messenger Cable
    The linear supporting member, usually a high strength steel wire, used as the supporting element of a suspended aerial cable....
  • Meta Tag
    A command inserted in a document that specifies how the document, or a portion of the document, should be formatted....
  • Microbending
    Tiny bends in fiber that allow light to leak out and increase loss. microbending occurs during installation and is usually...
  • Microcomputer
    A computer with a microprocessor chip-based processing unit. Microcomputers are the original personal computers that many people use at home...
  • Microcomputer aka Personal Computer or PC
    a small computer that is desktop size and uses a microprocessor chip (the brains of the unit) to run the...
  • micrometer
    Sometimes expressed using the obsolete term micron, a micrometer is one-millionth of a meter and also can be expressed as...
  • Microwave
    High-frequency radio waves used for point-to-point and omnidirectional communication of audio, data, and video signals. Microwave frequencies require direct line...
  • Microwave Band
    Those frequencies from about 1 gigahertz upward that use microwave frequencies for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communications, including common carriers, cable...
    Man-Machine Integration Design and Analysis System (NASA Ames)
    Multi-discipline Data Analysis System
  • Mil
    A unit used in measuring the diameter of a wire or thickness of insulation over a conductor. One one-thousandth of...
    Military Specifications
  • MIN
  • MIN
  • Minicomputer
    a computer that is between a mainframe and a microcomputer in size and capacity. It generally can serve between 10...
  • MIT
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • MIX
    If the feed indicates that Channel 1 is a Mix with Channel 2 containing M&E this means that Channel 1...
  • mixer
    The nozzle may be preceded by a mixer, which combines the high temperature air coming from the engine core with...
  • MLA
    ManeuverLimited Altitude
  • MLE
    Landing Gear Extended Placard Mach Number
  • MLS
    Microwave Landing System
  • MMO
    Mach Max Operating
  • MN
    Magnetic North
  • MOA
    Memorandum of Agreement
  • MOC
    Mission Operations Center
  • MOCA
    Minimum Obstruction Clearance Altitude
  • MOD
  • Modal Dispersion
    Dispersion arising from differences in the times that different modes take to travel through multimode fiber.
  • Mode
    An electromagnetic field distribution that satisfies theoretical requirements for propagation in a waveguide. Light has modes in a fiber.
  • Mode S
    Type of secondary surveillance radar (SSR) equipment which provides Mode A and Mode C interrogations, discrete address (Mode S) interrogations...
  • Modem
    A device used to convert signals from one form to another. It can be used to convert the output of...
  • Modem
    A modem is a contraction of "modulator/demodulator." It is a device that connects the computer to a telephone line (or,...
  • Modem
    short for "modulator/demodulator." This device connects the computer to a telephone line for communication with another remote computer or information...
  • Modem
    Equipment that converts digital signals into analog signals for purpose of transmission over a telephone line. Signal is then converted...
  • Modem
    An abbreviated term for "modulator-de-modulator." A modem converts digital signals into analog signals (and vice versa), enabling computers to send...
    Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectrometer
  • modulate
    To vary, or control, the frequency, phase, or amplitude of an electromagnetic wave or other variable.
  • modulation transfer function MTF
    The geometric description of a detector
  • momentum
    The tenacity of a body to continue to move after being placed in motion.
  • Monitor
    a device similar to a television screen that receives video signals from the computer and displays the information for the...
  • Monitoring Assignment
    the off-the-air broadcast or cable sources of EAS activations and programming as given in the FCC Mapbook and the State...
  • mosaic
    An image or photograph made by piecing together individual images or photographs covering adjacent areas.
  • mosaic controlled
    A mosaic oriented and scaled to horizontal ground control, usually assembled from rectified photographs or geolocated images.
  • Mouse
    a hard-held pointing device (used on top of a desk) that gives directions to the computer and moves information around...
  • MPEG
    Moving Picture Experts Group. The standard for compression and storage of motion video, for example, videos available though the World...
  • MRA
    Minimum Reception Altitude
  • MSG
  • MSL
    Mean Sea Level
  • MTBF
    Mean Time Between Failures
  • MU
    Management Unit
  • Multi point videoconference
    A video conference with 3 or more sites. Sites must connect via a video bridge.
  • Multi User Dimension MUD
    This term refers to users who connect to each other via a host computer.
  • multiband system
    A system for simultaneously recording electromagnetic radiation from the same scene in several bands from essentially the same spectral region,...
  • Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service MMDS
    A service which uses omnidirectional mi-crowave signals to deliver video programs to subscribers.
  • Multimedia
    a computer capable of utilizing more than one communication medium media such as CD-ROM, DVD, speakers, etc.
  • Multimedia
    Systems that support the interactive use of text, audio, still images, video, and graphics. Each of these elements must be...
  • Multimedia
    The combination of various forms of media (texts, graphics, animation, audio, etc.) to communicate information. The term also refers to...
  • Multimode
    Transmits multiple modes of light.
  • Multiple Address Systems MAS
    A microwave point-to-multipoint communications system, either one-way or two-way, serving a minimum of four remote stations. The private radio MAS...
  • Multiple System Operator MSO
    A company that operates more than one cable TV system.
  • Multiplex
    The act of combining input signals from many sources onto a single communications path, or the use of a single...
  • Multiplexer
    A device that combines many communication circuits into one circuit
  • Multipoint Distripution Service MDS
    Also known as "wireless cable," this is a one-way, domestic public radio service broadcast on microwave frequencies from a fixed...
  • multispectral
    Generally denotes remote sensing in two or more spectral bands, such as visible and infrared.
  • multispectral image
    A remote sensing image created using data collected from more than one band.

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