Technology Glossary

  • AOA
    Airport Operations Area
  • AOC
    Aeronautical Operation Control (communications which support safety and regularity of flight that normally take place between aircraft and the...
  • AOCS
    Attitude and Orbit Control System
  • AOM
    Aircraft Operating Manual
  • AOPA
    Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
  • APA
    Allied Pilots Association
  • APC
    Aeronautical Passenger Communication (a class of communication which supports passenger communication)
  • aperture
    An opening that admits electromagnetic radiation to a film or detector. An example would be the lens diaphragm opening in...
  • APMS
    Automated Performance Measurement System
  • apogee
    The point in the orbit of a heavenly body, especially of a manmade satellite, at which it is farthest from...
  • APPA
    American Public Power Association.
  • Applets
    Programs that run inside net browsers, usually in Java and typically involving modestly interactive graphics.
  • Application
    A computer program used to accomplish specific tasks not related to the computer itself (e.g., word processors, spreadsheets, accounting...
  • Application software
    computer programs that are used to accomplish specific tasks not related to the computer itself. Examples are word processors, spreadsheets,...
  • APPR
    Approach/Approach Mode
  • APR
  • APRT
  • APU
    Auxiliary Power Unit
  • AQP
    Advanced Qualification Program
  • ARAC
    Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee
    Aeronautical Radio Incorporated
  • ARPA
    Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • ARR
    Air Route Traffic Control Center
  • ARTS
    Automated Radar Terminal System
    American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Standard 8 bit code used in data communications. Many files interchanged from one software...
    a standard set of characters with numerical equivalents.
    American Standard Code for Interface and Interchange
  • ASI
    Air Speed Indicator
  • ASP Active Server Page
    is an HTML page that includes one or more scripts (small embedded programs) that are processed on a Microsoft Web...
  • aspect ratio
    (1) Of pixels, the numerical ratio of the width of a pixel to its height. (2) Of images, the ratio...
  • ASR
    Airport Surveillance Radar
  • ASRS
    Aviation Safety Reporting System (aviation incident reporting system run by NASA for FAA)
  • Assistive technology
    Any item, piece of equipment, or system, whether acquired commercially, modified, or customized, that is commonly used to increase, maintain,...
  • ASTM
    American Society of Testing and Materials.
  • Asynchronous
    A type of two-way communication that occurs with a time delay, allowing participants to respond at their own convenience. Literally...
  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM
    ATM is the name given to a network technology based on transferring data in cells or packets of a fixed...
  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM
    Communication technology that uses high-bandwidth, low-delay transport technology, and multiplexing techniques. Through dedicated media connections it provides simultaneous transport of...
  • AT
    At (an altitude)
  • ATA
    Air Transport Association
  • ATA
    Actual Time of Arrival
  • ATC
    Air Traffic Control (a generic term for a joint civil/military system for controlling traffic within a specific area)
  • ATCS
    Advanced Train Control Systems
    Air Traffic Control System Command Center
  • ATHR
    Autothrust System
  • ATIS
    Automatic Terminal Information Service (recorded voice message that provides weather and airport services information)
  • ATM
    Asynchronous Transfer Mode. A digital transmission switching format with cells (packets) of a fixed length to help facilitate voice and...
  • ATM
    See Asynchronous Transfer Mode.
  • ATM
    Air Transportation Management
  • ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
    this high speed network protocol is composed of 53 byte "cells" having 5 byte headers and 48 byte payloads. Because...
  • atmospheric correction
    The correction made to remotely sensed radiance to reduce or normalize for the intervening atmosphere between the Earth's surface and...
  • ATN
    Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (the collection of ground subnetworks, air/ground subnetworks and airborne subnetworks interconnected by ATN routers that support computer-to-computer,...
  • ATS
    Automatic Throttle System
  • ATSC
    Air Traffic Service Communications (Communications related to air traffic services. This includes ATC, aeronautical and meteorological information, position reporting and...
  • Attention Signal
    eight seconds of two tones (853 and 960 Hz) used as an audio alert.
  • Attenuation
    Power loss in an electrical or telecommunications system. In cables, expressed in dB per unit length, usually dB per 1000...
  • attenuation
    The reduction in the intensity of radiation, with distance from its source due to atmospheric absorption and/or scattering; it does...
  • attitude
    The angular orientation of a spacecraft as determined by the relationship between its axes and some reference line or plane...
  • Audio Bridge
    Specialized equipment that interconnects three or more telephone lines (usually operator assisted) to enable conference calls. The audioconferencing equipment needed...
  • Audio Frequency Shift Keying AFSK
    a digital modulation technique that uses two shifting audio frequencies to transmit binary data.
  • Audio Text
    The term used to describe a system that provides automated interactive telephone in-formation, such as stock prices, sports scores and...
  • Audioconference
    An electronic meeting in which participants in different locations use telephones or audioconferencing equipment to interactively communicate with each other...
  • AUG
  • AUP
    See Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Authenticator Word Lists
    the list of words that federal officials send prior to official EAS national activation; used to substantiate the information being...
  • Authoring Software Tools
    High level computer programs designed for use by non-programmers in the creation of computer-based training, interactive presentations, and multimedia. The...
  • Authorization Letter
    the official authorization, given by the FCC, for an EAS participant station to cease operations during a national level activation...
  • Automatic Interruption
    the automatic encoding and transmission of EAS codes for preselected events. This enables EAS warning messages to be automatically broadcast...
  • Automatic Packet Reporting System
    A protocol that uses packet radio to transmit data that depicts the position of a station.
  • Automatic Terminal Information Service ATIS
    ATIS is a continuous broadcast of recorded information at selected high activity airports.
  • Auxiliary Service Station
    A type of station used by television and radio stations to facilitate the broadcast of programming to the general...
  • AV
    Advanced Very High-Resolution Radiometer
    Airborne Warning And Control System
  • AWAS
    Automated Weather Advisory Station
  • AWG
    Abbreviation for American Wire Gauge. Based on a circular mil system. 1 mil equals .001 inch. Used to determine the...
    Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System
  • axial flow compressor
    The direction of the flow of compressed air is parallel to the spool axis.
  • azimuth
    The arc of the horizon measured clockwise from the north point to the point referenced. Expressed in degrees. Azimuth indicates...
  • B
    At or Below (constrained altitude)
  • B roll
    This is video that enhances or tells the story. It was originally used to cover a jump cut in editing....
  • Backbone
    A transmission network that carries high speed telecommunications between locations. This is normally the main portion of a telecommunication network,...
  • background
    Any effect in a sensor or other apparatus or system above which the phenomenon of interest must manifest itself before...
  • background noise
    (1) In recording and reproducing, the unwanted disturbance within a useful frequency band, independent of whether or not a signal...
  • Backup
    (verb) to make a copy of a file or program for the purpose of restoring the data if the masters...
    British Air Line Pilots Association
  • Balun
    An adapter for connecting an unbalanced coaxial transmission line to a balanced two-wire system.
  • Band Marking
    A continuous circumferential band applied to a conductor at regular intervals for identification.
  • band spectral
    An interval in the electromagnetic spectrum defined by two wavelengths, frequencies, or wave numbers. With Landsat, bands designate the specific...
  • banding
    Radiometric artifacts that affect all detectors in a spectral band, rather than the relative correction for striping of a single...
  • Bandwidth
    The information carrying capacity of the system. In analog systems, this is also the highest frequency that can be...
    The capacity of a telecom line to carry signals. The necessary bandwidth is the amount of spectrum required to transmit...
  • Bandwidth
    The amount of data that can be moved to a computer a given period of time.
  • Bandwidth
    the amount of data that can be moved through a particular interface in a given period of time.
  • Bandwidth
    Maximum frequency that can be used to transmit a communication signal without excessive distortion. Measured in Hertz or cycles per...
    The capacity of a telecom line to carry signals. The necessary bandwidth is the amount of spectrum required to transmit...
  • Bandwidth
    A range of frequencies in the broadcast spectrum that is occupied by a signal. (For example, a television channel may...
  • Banner Advertisement
    A typically rectangular advertisement on a web site placed above, below, or on the sides of the sites main content...
  • Base Station
    A land station in the land mobile service. For example, in cellular and personal communications uses, each cell has its...

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