PRIZM® LightTurn® Cable Assembly

The US Conec Ltd.’s PRIZM® LightTurn® is a right angle connector that interfaces with the Avago MicroPOD™, MiniPOD™ and other high density transceivers.

The PRIZM® LightTurn® 12-fiber connector consists of a multi-fiber floating ferrule with a photonic TIR lens enclosed in a protective housing. The unique perpendicular mating capability increases real-estate opportunities on dense printed circuit boards by improving cable management and allowing for tight spacing of transceiver modules internal to the board rather than using very limited and in high demand parallel edge-mount solutions.

The cable assembly will connect PRIZM® to the MTP. The PRIZM® LightTurn™ is available in 2mm round jacketed and bare ribbon fiber cable assemblies. Assemblies utilize 50 µm multimode
fiber available in OM2, OM3 and OM4.

PRIZM LightTurn and MTP are registered trademarks of US Conec Ltd. MicroPOD and MiniPOD are trademarks of Avago.


  • Multi-fiber floating ferrule
  • Photonic TIR (total internal reflection) lens in a protective housing
  • Unique perpendicular mating capability
  • Bidirectional passive assembly 


Typical Optical Performance of PRIZM
Exit Beam Angle To optical reference surface < 1◦
Exit Beam Collimation ~180 microns at optical exit window
~190 microns 2mm below exit window
Beam Position < 15 micron radial offset relative to guide pins
   at the exit window
Throughput Loss for MTP / PRIZM 0.4 dB typical
Performance Range -40C to +80C


  • Increases real estate opportunities with mid-board transceiver mounting
  • Improves cable management and optimizes airflow on PCBs
  • Provides high density data communications with excellent signal integrity


  • High speed computercom markets
  • Datacom
  • Telecom

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