MXC® Expanded Beam Connectors

The US Conec MXC® connector includes expanded beam PRIZM® MT ferrules and is optimized for direct interface to equipment. It provides a more robust, debris insensitive connection compared to other solutions. It also allows for fiber ribbons to be stacked and can house up to 64 channels, increasing the density of fibers at the card-edge and maximizing space efficiency. Future variants of the platform support a wide variety of configurations including single port or ganged multi-port options for a front panel or backplane application.

MXC® and PRIZM® are registered trademarks of US Conec Ltd. Images courtesy of US Conec Ltd.


  • Enables lane counts up to 48 channels using stacked 12-channel ribbon fibers or 64 channels using stacked 16-channel ribbon fibers
  • Expanded beam technology greatly reduces debris sensitivity of the signal
  • Low insertion force facilitates mass mating in high density applications
  • Stacked ribbon configurations allow for increased density and maximum space efficiency
  • Available in jacketed or bare ribbon configurations


  • High-performance computing
  • Switching and routing fabrics
  • Switch and server interconnects

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