Master Calibration Cables

Documented, Precision Optical Performance

Timbercon Master Calibration Cables incorporate the functionality and connectivity options of traditional fiber optic cable assemblies with premium components and very strict performance/mechanical specification tolerances. Each Master Calibration Cable is tested for optical and mechanical performance against very rigid tolerances, with supporting documentation for insertion loss, return loss (for single mode cables) and interferometric measurements prior to receiving ‘Master Calibration’ status.

Timbercon offers a Recertification Service for each Master Calibration Cable. This allows the user to return the cable at determined intervals for inspection, cleaning, and, if necessary, re-polish and/or re-termination. Upon completion, each cable receives an updated performance/test report and a ‘re-certified’ status.

Timbercon Master Calibration Cables utilize red jacketed fiber for easy differentiation from standard fiber cables and serialization to allow simple matching to accompanying performance/test documentation. All Master Calibration cables are available in single mode or multimode, simplex or duplex, with a wide range of connector, length, jacketing, and custom options to suit any environment.


  • Consists of premium components
  • Meets very strict performance/mechanical specification tolerances
  • Red jacketed fiber provides easy identification
  • Serialization allows simple matching to test reports
  • Available in single mode, multimode, simplex, and duplex, with various customization options


  • Confidence that you have the highest in optical performance for your project
  • Utilize performance data for each cable from test & performance reports, ensuring more accurate correlation measurements
  • Peace of mind through having verifiable proof of optical performance

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