Fiber Optic Interconnects

Interconnections are one of the largest and most widely used areas for fiber optic cables and assemblies. An interconnect is defined as the physical connection of two or more fixtures through which communication is possible. Interconnects range from simple, simplex patch cords to multi-channel distribution and backbone cables and virtually everything in between. Most interconnects are used for smaller, localized network or system structures, linking similar machines, complementary devices, and/or data communications from one system to another.

Typical interconnect products are centered on a variety of industry standard cable assemblies that move, relay, or distribute data from point-to-point. Often this link, or connection, is very short for applications like switch-to-switch, switch-to-patch panel, and server-to-server. However, interconnects can also be rather long, linking two network or telecommunications closets on an inter-building campus.

Timbercon manufactures a wide range of interconnect solutions for virtually every type of application. With a variety of connector, fiber, construction, and length options available, your interconnect product solution is just a call or click away.

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