Fiber Optic Glossary : Z

  • Z-scan Measurements
    A technique for measuring the strength of the Kerr nonlinearity of a material, relying on self-focusing.
  • Zero Dispersion
    In single mode fiber, the wavelength at which the effects of chromatic dispersion and waveguide dispersion are lowest; zero dispersion...
  • Zero Dispersion Shifted Fiber
    Fiber with zero chromatic dispersion shifted to 1550nm, used before the advent of DWDM.
  • Zero Dispersion Slope
    Zero dispersion slope definition: Wavelength at which material dispersion and waveguide dispersion cancel each another. In silica-based optical fibers, minimum...
  • Zero Dispersion Wavelength
    In a single-mode optical fiber, the wavelength or wavelengths at which material dispersion and waveguide dispersion cancel one another.
  • Zero Order
    In an interference pattern, that point where there is no difference between optical paths of the interfacing wavefronts.
  • Zip Cord
    Related to fiber optics, a zip cord is a two-fiber cable consisting essentially of two single-fiber cables having their jackets...
  • Zip Cord Fiber
    Two-fiber cable with two single fiber cables having conjoined jackets. The zipcord cable can be easily divided by slitting and...
  • Zirconium Arc
    A small bulb containing a conducting gas, an arc being formed between a metal ring and a tiny zirconium electrode near...

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