Fiber Optic Glossary : W

  • Wall Plug Efficiency
    Total electrical-to-optical power efficiency of a laser system.
  • Watts
    A linear measure of optical power, usually expressed in milliwatts (mW), microwatts (*W) or nanowatts (nW).
  • Wave
    A sinusoidal undulation or vibration, a form of movement by which all radiant energy of the electromagnetic spectrum is thought...
  • Waveguide
    A system or material designed to confine and direct electromagnetic waves in a direction determined by its physical boundaries. Abbreviated...
  • Waveguide Array
    An array of curved planar waveguides that separates many optical channels at once. Also called Array Waveguide.
  • Waveguide Coupler
    A coupler in which light gets transferred between planar waveguides.
  • Waveguide Dispersion
    For each mode in an optical waveguide, the term used to describe the process by which an electromagnetic signal is...
  • Waveguide Laser
    Gas laser in which the tube acts as a channel for the laser beam.
  • Wavelength
    A measure of the color of light, usually expressed in nanometers (nm) or microns (*m).
  • Wavelength Adapter
    A device which receives one wavelength and outputs a second wavelength, usually to take a standard signal and convert it...
  • Wavelength Dependence
    The variation in an optical parameter caused by a change in the operating wavelength.
  • Wavelength Division Multiplexer
    A passive fiber optical device used to separate optical signals of different wavelengths carried on one fiber optic cable.
  • Wavelength Division Multiplexing WDM
    A technique of sending signals of several different wavelengths of light into the fiber simultaneously. In fiber optic communications, wavelength-division...
  • Wavelength Isolation
    A Wavelength Division Multiplexing’s isolation of a light signal in the desired optical channel from the unwanted optical channels. Also...
  • Wavelength Locker Laser
    Laser with an integrated etalon-based Fabry-Perot wavelength locker that enables control of a precise laser wavelength for high-capacity dense WDM....
  • Wavelength Router
    An optical device that directs input signals according to their wavelength.
  • Wavelength Routing Switch
    A switch, used in optical networks, that routes wavelengths as required to specific terminals in the network.
  • Wavelength Selected Laser
    Laser that operates at ITU grid wavelength.
  • Wavelength Selective Coupler
    A device which couples the pump laser wavelength to the optical fiber while filtering out all other unwanted wavelengths. Used...
  • Wavemeter
    Devices for precise measurements of laser wavelengths.
  • Wavenumber
    For light in a medium, the wavenumber is the vacuum wavenumber times the refractive index. The wavenumber usually applies to...
  • Waveplates
    Transparent plates with a defined birefringence, used for modifying the polarization of light.
  • WDM
    Wavelength Division Multiplexer - a passive fiber optical device used to separate signals of different wavelengths carried on one...
  • Weakly Guiding Fiber
    An optical fiber in which the refractive index contrast is small (substantially less than 1%).
  • WG
    An abbreviation for waveguide.
  • White Light Interferometers
    A white light interferometer, used e.g. in the context of low-coherence interferometry, is an interferometer, typically a Michelson interferometer, which...
  • White Light Sources
    A white light source is a light source with a broad optical bandwidth (usually 100 nm or more).
  • WIC
    Wavelength Independent Coupler
  • Wide Area Network
    A network of connected computers that covers a great geographical area.
  • Wideband
    Possessing large bandwidth.
  • Window
    In fiber optics, a band of wavelengths at which an optical fiber is sufficiently transparent for practical use in communications...
  • Wiring Accessories
    Fiber optic wiring accessories may be used to connect fiber optic cables.
  • Working Margin
    The difference (in dB) between the power budget and the loss budget (i.e. the excess power margin).
  • Workstation
    A computer designed to meet all of one person's needs (typically more powerful than a personal computer). Commonly used for financial,...

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