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  • Safety wire
    A means of putting wire through holes drilled in the coupling ring/nut of a connector plug, and securing the wire...
  • Sampling Rate
    The number of discrete sample measurements made in a given period of time. Often expressed in megahertz for video.
  • Saturable Absorbers
    Light absorbers with a degree of absorption which decreases at high optical intensities.
  • Saturable Bragg Reflectors
    A special type of saturable semiconductor absorbers consisting of a Bragg mirror structure and a saturable absorber layer incorporated into...
  • Saturation Energy
    A measure of the incident optical pulse energy required for achieving significant saturation of an absorber or a gain...
  • Saturation Power
    A measure of the incident optical power required for achieving significant saturation of an absorber or a gain medium.
  • SC Connector
    SC stands for Subscriber Connector- a general purpose push/pull style connector developed by NTT. SC has an advantage in keyed...
  • Scalable Coding
    The ability to encode a visual sequence so as to enable the decoding of the digital data stream at various...
  • Scalable Video
    Refers to video compression that can handle a range of bandwidths, scaling smoothly over them.
  • Scattering
    The change of direction of light after striking small particles that causes loss in optical fibers.
  • Scattering Center
    In the microstructure of a transmission medium, a site at which electromagnetic waves are scattered.
  • Schawlow Townes Linewidth
    Linewidth of a single-frequency laser with quantum noise only.
  • Scintillating Fiber
    Scintillating fibers are made with a fiber core material to produce photons in the visible range when high-energy particles pass...
  • Scoop proof
    A term to describe a longer shell design on the pin half (plug or receptacle) of a connector. The longer...
  • Scoring
    The cutting of pitch tooling surfaces by an optical technician to permit polishing compounds to flow across the surface of...
  • Scratch
    A defect on a polished optical surface whose length is many times its width. Block reek is a chainlike scratch...
  • SCSI
    An abbreviation for small computer standard interface.
  • SDM
    An abbreviation for space division multiplexer.
  • Sealing plug
    A small plastic plug (MS27488-**-1, head first) inserted into the rear grommet of a connector, especially an environmental connector, to...
  • Second Window
    Of silica-based optical fibers, the transmission window at approximately 1.3 m. Note: The second window is the minimum-dispersion window in...
  • Secondary Audio Programming
    It is the secondary audio signal that is broadcast along with a television signal and its primary audio.
  • Secondary Mode Group
    A second complete set of spectral lines separate from the main group of spectral lines in an optical spectrum.
  • Seed Lasers
    Lasers which are used for generating some seed light into an amplifier or another laser.
  • Segment
    A segment is a piece of network wire bounded by bridges, routers, repeaters or terminators.
  • Selective plating
    The applying of plating material to a limited area of a contact, especially areas susceptible to wear.
  • Self Focusing
    Focusing of a beam in a transparent medium caused by the beam itself through a nonlinear process in the...
  • Self Heterodyne Linewidth Measurement
    A technique for laser linewidth measurements based on a beat note between the beam and a delayed version of...
  • Self Phase Modulation
    Nonlinear phase modulation of a beam caused by its own intensity via the Kerr effect.
  • Self Starting Mode Locking
    Mode locking which is quickly achieved after turning on a laser without external intervention.
  • Self Terminating Laser Transitions
    Laser transitions which can not be continuously operated due to accumulation of population in the lower laser level.
  • Sellmeier Formula
    An equation for calculating the wavelength-dependent refractive index of a transparent optical material.
  • Semiconductor
    A material whose ability to conduct electricity falls between that of conductors and insulators. The conductivity of semiconductors can be...
  • Semiconductor Laser
    A light-emitting diode designed to use stimulated emission to form a coherent light output. Synonymous with laser diode and diode...
  • Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
    Optical amplifiers based on semiconductor gain media.
  • Semiconductor Saturable Absorber Mirrors
    Saturable semiconductor absorber devices acting as nonlinear mirrors.
  • Sensitivity
    For a fiber optic receiver, the minimum optical power required to achieve a specified level of performance. Alternatively, it is the...
    An abbreviation for serial real-time communications system.
  • Serial
    Transmitting or processing data one bit at a time rather than many bits concurrently.
  • Service Channel
    Monitor laser path of wavelength outside of data channel. Performance monitored to verify fiber status.
  • Service rating
    The maximum amount of voltage or current a connector is designed to continuously carry.
  • SFP Loopback
    An small form factor test fixture used loop an electrical signal from the Tx side of a port to the...
  • Sheath
    An outer protective layer of a fiber optic cable. Also called the cable jacket.
  • Shell
    The outside case of a connector which holds the dielectric insert and contacts.
  • Shielded contact
    A contact shielded from unwanted signals (EMI/RFI) by one or more outer (protective) conductors. These contacts are not generally matched...
  • Short Wavelength
    A commonly used term for light in the 665, 790, and 850 nm ranges.
  • Shot Noise
    Quantum-limited intensity noise.
  • Side Mode
    Any observable mode of an optical device's spectrum which is not the dominant mode.
  • Side Pumping
    A technique of pumping a solid-state laser in directions which are approximately transverse to its beam direction.
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)
    The ratio of signal power to noise power.Measured in dB.
  • Silica
    Silicon dioxide (SiO2).
  • Silica Fibers
    Optical fibers based on fused silica or related materials.
  • Silicon Photonics
    Photonic technology based on silicon chips.
  • Simplex
    A fiber optic transmission system in which data can go in only a single direction.
  • Simplex Cable
    A term sometimes used for a single-fiber cable.
  • Simplex Transmission
    Transmission in one direction only.
  • Single Atom Lasers
    Lasers with only a single atom as the gain medium.
  • Single Frequency Lasers
    Lasers emitting radiation in a single resonator mode so that it emits quasi-monochromatic radiation with a very small linewidth and...
  • Single Frequency Operation
    An operation mode of a laser where only a single resonator mode acquires a significant power.
  • Single Line Laser
    A laser whose output is limited to a single wavelength.
  • Single Polarization Fibers
    Optical fibers which transmit only light with a certain polarization.
  • Single-Mode Fiber
    An optical waveguide (or fiber) in which the signal travels through its core. The fiber has a smaller core...
  • Singlemode Fiber
    A fiber with a small core, only a few times the wavelength of light transmitted, that only allows one mode...
  • Singlemode Operation
    Operation of a laser on axial resonator modes only or even on a single axial mode.
  • Sisyphus Cooling
    A mechanism for laser cooling of atoms or ions using light forces.
  • Skew Ray
    In a multimode optical fiber, a bound ray that travels in a helical path along the fiber and thus (a)...
  • Slab Dielectric Waveguide
    An electromagnetic waveguide (a) that consists solely of dielectric materials, (b) in which the dielectric propagation medium has a rectangular...
  • Slab Lasers
    Solid-state bulk lasers where the gain medium has the form of a slab
  • Slave Laser
    A laser which is injection-locked to another laser.
  • Slope Efficiency
    Differential power efficiency of a laser.
  • Slurry
    The name of the mixture of liquid and grinding or polishing compounds used in processing optical materials.
  • SM Zipcord Fiber
    Zipcord (or zip-cord) is a two fiber cable essentially with two single-fiber cables conjoined by their jackets. The jacket strip...
  • SMA
    A connector type with screw threads.
  • SMA Connector
    SMA is a fiber optic connector developed and manufactured by Amphenol Fiber Optic Products; it stands for SubMiniature version...
  • Small Signal Gain
    Optical gain for small signal intensities where no amplifier saturation occurs.
  • Smart Structures
    Materials containing sensors (fiber optic or other types) to measure their properties during fabrication and use. Also called smart...
    Abbreviation for Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, which is the organization that publishes ANSI-approved standards, recommended practices, and...
  • SMPTE 259M
    Television standard, written by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), that describes a serial digital interface (SDI)...
  • SMPTE 310M
    Television standard, written by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), that describes a synchronous serial interface for...
  • SMT
    An abbreviation for surface-mount technology.
  • Socket contact
    A contact whose engaging end is designed to accept the entry of a pin contact.
  • Solder contact
    A pin or socket contact that accepts a conductor (wire) which is soldered onto the “solder cup,” not crimped into...
  • Solid State Laser
    A laser using a transparent substance (crystalline or glass) as the active medium, doped to provide the energy states necessary...
  • Soliton
    An optical pulse having a shape, spectral content, and power level designed to take advantage of nonlinear effects in an...
  • Soliton Mode Locking
    A mechanism for laser mode locking based on soliton pulses.
  • Soliton Period
    The distance over which higher-order solitons reproduce their temporal and spectral shape.
    Synchronous Optical Network. An interface standard for synchronous 2.46-Gb/s optical-fiber transmission, applicable to the Physical Layer of the OSI Reference...
  • Source
    A laser diode or LED used to inject an optical signal into fiber.
  • Source
    The means used to convert an electrical information carrying signal to a corresponding optical signal for transmission by fiber.The source...
  • Space Division Multiplex
    In fiber optics, the condition in which each fiber of a bundle carries a separate channel.
  • Span Engineering
    The process of designing a DWDM transmission span to achieve the required performance based on fiber type, the transmission distance,...
  • Spatial Hole Burning
    A distortion of the gain shape in a laser medium (or the loss spectrum in a saturable absorber medium) caused...
  • Spatial Walk Off
    The phenomenon that the intensity distribution of a beam in an anisotropic crystal drifts away from the direction of the...
  • SPC Super Physical Contact
    Specific to single mode, referring to -45dB in return loss.
  • Speckle
    Light patterns resulting from the reflection of coherent light at rough surfaces.
  • Spectral Attenuation
    Measure for the attenuation in dependence on wavelength.
  • Spectral Bandwidth
    It is the wavelength interval in which a radiated spectral quantity is not less than half its maximum value. It...
  • Spectral Beam Combining
    A class of methods for beam combining based on wavelength-sensitive beam combiners.
  • Spectral Brightness
    Brightness per unit optical bandwidth.
  • Spectral Efficiency
    The number of data bits per second that can be transmitted in a one Hertz bandwidth range.
  • Spectral Interferometry
    A class of interferometric methods where interference in the frequency domain is exploited.

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