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  • O Ring
    Also referred to as peripheral seal is used around the periphery of a connector shell and is compressed internally between...
  • OADM
    An abbreviation for optical add-drop module.
  • OAM
    Abbreviation for operation, administration, and maintenance, which refers to telecommunications networks.
  • OAN
    Abbreviation for optical access network which is a network technology based on passive optical networks. It includes an optical switch...
  • OCWR
    An abbreviation for optical continuous wave reflectometer.
  • ODN
    An abbreviation for optical distribution network.
  • ODP
    An abbreviation for optical data processing.
  • ODS
    An abbreviation for optical data storage.
  • OEIC
    Abbreviation for opto-electronic integrated circuit which is an integrated circuit that includes both optical and electrical elements.
  • OEM
    An abbreviation for original equipment manufacturer.
  • OFCR
    Optical Fiber Conductive Riser
  • OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
    Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing – a frequency division modulation technique for transmitting large amounts of digital data over a radio...
  • OFNG Optical Fiber Nonconductive General Purpose
    Type OFNG cable must be resistant to the spread of fire and suitable for general-purpose use, with the exception of...
  • OFNP Optical Fiber Nonconductive Plenum
    Cable installed in ducts, plenums, and other spaces used for environmental air must be listed as having adequate fire-resistant and...
  • OFNR Optical Fiber Nonconductive Riser
    Optical fiber cable used in vertical shafts, or in runs between floors, must have fire-resistant characteristics capable of preventing the...
  • Ohm
    The electrical resistance between two points of a conductor at a constant difference of potential of one volt, applied between...
  • OIDA
    An acronym for Optoelectronics Industry Development Association.
  • OLED
    An abbreviation for organic light-emitting diode.
  • OLT
    Abbreviation for optical line termination.
  • OLTS
    An abbreviation for optical loss test set.
  • OM1
    OM1 stands for 62.5/125um multi-mode fiber and used for Ethernet systems using LEDs as transmitters. Multi-mode fibers are described using...
  • OM2
    OM2 stands for 50/125um multi-mode fiber and used for Ethernet systems using LEDs as transmitters. Multi-mode fibers are described using...
  • OM3
    OM3 stands for laser-optimized 50/125um multi-mode fiber and used for systems with high bandwidth such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet using...
  • ONI
    An abbreviation for optical network interface.
  • ONU
    An abbreviation for optical network unit.
  • OOI
    Abbreviation for open optical interface which is a point at which an optical signal is passed from one equipment medium...
  • Open Standard Interconnect
    A 7-layer model defined by ISO for defining a data communication network. It provides means for executing the blue print of...
  • Open Waveguide
    An all-dielectric waveguide in which electromagnetic waves are guided by a refractive index gradient so that the waves are confined...
  • Operating System
    The software of a computer that controls the execution of programs, typically handling the functions of input/output, resource scheduling and...
  • Opti Jack
    The Opti-Jack is a rugged duplex connector designed uniquely around two ST-type ferrules in a package the size of a...
  • Optical Amplifier
    A device that amplifies light without converting it to an electrical signal.
  • Optical Axis OA
    The line passing through both the centers of curvatures of the optical surfaces of a lens; the optical centerline for...
  • Optical Bandpass
    The range of optical wavelengths which can be transmitted through a component.
  • Optical Bandpass Filter
    Optical bandpass filters transmit light over a pre-determined band of wavelengths while rejecting, by absorption, radiation or scattering, all other...
  • Optical Cable Assembly
    An optical cable that is connector terminated. Generally, an optical cable that has been terminated by a manufacturer and is...
  • Optical Channel
    An optical wavelength band for wavelength division multiplexing optical communications.
  • Optical Channel Spacing
    The wavelength separation between adjacent words per minute channels.
  • Optical Channel Width
    The optical wavelength range of a channel.
  • Optical Chopper
    Optical choppers control transmission/blocking of light are known and widely used in optical devices such as optical memory units, optical...
  • Optical Circulator
    An optical circulator is a non reciprocal device allowing for the routing of light from one fiber to another based...
  • Optical Clocks
    Time measurement devices based on optical frequency standards.
  • Optical Comparator
    An optical comparator is an essential device required for constituting an optical communication system, or an optical measuring system wherein...
  • Optical Connector
    A demountable device for attaching a cabled or uncabled optical fiber to another, or to an active device such as...
  • Optical Continuous Wave Reflectometer
    An instrument used to characterize a fiber optic link wherein an unmodulated signal is transmitted through the link and the resulting...
  • Optical Correlator
    An optical correlator automatically recognizes or identifies the contents of an image by combining an incoming image with a reference...
  • Optical Data Storage ODS
    The storage of information via optical means, primarily employing a low-power laser to inscribe data on a photosensitive surface as...
  • Optical Demultiplexer
    A device that separates two or more optical wavelengths from a single input or fiber into multiple fibers or...
  • Optical Directional Coupler
    A component used to combine and separate optical power.
  • Optical Disk
    A rigid medium, generally polycarbonate substrate coated with a reflective aluminum layer, that stores information (such as audio, video or...
  • Optical Fall Time
    The time interval for the falling edge of an optical pulse to transition from 90% to 10% of the pulse...
  • Optical Fiber
    A thin filament of drawn or extruded glass or plastic having a central core and a cladding of lower index...
  • Optical Fiber Cable Link Segment
    A length of optical fiber cable containing two optical fibers and comprising one or more optical fiber cable sections and...
  • Optical Fiber Conductive OFC
    Abbreviation for optical fiber, conductive . Note: OFC is the designation given by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to...
  • Optical Fiber Nonconductive OFN
    Abbreviation for optical fiber, nonconductive . Note: OFN is the designation given by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to...
  • Optical Fiber Nonconductive Plenum OFNP
    Abbreviation for optical fiber, nonconductive, plenum . Note: OFNP is the designation given by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)...
  • Optical Fiber Nonconductive Riser OFNR
    Optical fiber cable used in vertical shafts, or in runs between floors, must have fire-resistant characteristics capable of preventing the...
  • Optical Filter
    An optical fiber attenuates light due to radiation or absorption in the fiber in an optical information communication system.
  • Optical Frequency Standards
    Frequency standards using optical transitions in atoms, ions or molecules.
  • Optical Intensity
    Optical power per unit area.
  • Optical Interleaver
    An optical interleaver is a 3-port passive fiber-optic device that is used to combine two sets of dense wavelength-division multiplexing...
  • Optical Isolator
    A device that uses a short optical transmission path to accomplish electrical isolation between elements of a circuit.
  • Optical Junction
    Any physical interface in a fiber optic system. Note: Source to fiber, fiber to fiber, fiber to detector, beam to...
  • Optical Launch Point
    Focal point coming out of the laser.
  • Optical Link
    Any optical transmission channel designed to connect two end terminals or to be connected in series with other channels.
  • Optical Link Loss Budget
    The range of optical loss over which a fiber optic link will operate and meet all specifications. The loss is...
  • Optical Loss
    The amount of optical power lost as light is transmitted through fiber, splices, couplers and other optical devices. The loss...
  • Optical Loss Test Set OLTS
    A measurement instrument for optical loss that includes both a meter and source.
  • Optical Memory
    The direct storage of data as bits in memory using optical systems and properties. The memory makes use of a...
  • Optical Metrology
    The science and technology of performing measurements with light.
  • Optical Modulator
    Optical modulators are used in optical communication systems to convert electrical signals representing data or voice into modulated optical...
  • Optical Molasses
    An arrangement of laser beams used for cooling atoms or ions.
  • Optical Multiplexer
    A device that combines two or more optical wavelengths into a single output or fiber.
  • Optical Node
    The point where signals are transferred from optical fibers to other transmission media, typically twisted-pair wires or coaxial cable.
  • Optical Parametric Amplifiers
    Optical amplifiers based on parametric nonlinear interactions.
  • Optical Parametric Chirped Pulse Amplification
    Parametric amplification of chirped ultrashort pulses.
  • Optical Parametric Generators
    Light sources based on parametric amplifiers with no signal or idler input.
  • Optical Parametric Oscillators
    Coherent light sources based on parametric amplification within an optical resonator.
  • Optical Path Power Penalty
    The additional lost budget required to account for degradation due to reflections and the combined effects of dispersion resulting from...
  • Optical Performance Monitor
    A device installed in a WDM system to monitor signals at the transmitted wavelengths.
  • Optical Power
    The amount of radiant energy per unit time, expressed in linear units of watts or on a logarithmic scale, in...
  • Optical Power Meter
    An instrument that measures the amount of optical power present at the end of a fiber or cable.
  • Optical Pump Laser
    A shorter wavelength laser used to pump a length of fiber with energy to provide amplification at one or more...
  • Optical Pumping
    Electronically exciting a medium with light, or specifically populating certain electronic levels.
  • Optical Receiver
    A device that receives optical signals from an optical transmitter via the receiver fiber of that fiber optic cable. It...
  • Optical Reference Plane
    The plane that defines the optical boundary between the plug and the receptacle.
  • Optical Refrigeration
    A technique for cooling macroscopic crystal or a piece of glass via laser-induced fluorescence.
  • Optical Resonators
    Arrangements of optical components which allow a beam of light to circulate.
  • Optical Return Loss
    The ratio (expressed in units of dB) of optical power reflected by a component or an assembly to the optical...
  • Optical Rise Time
    The time interval for the rising edge of an optical pulse to transition from 10% to 90% of the pulse...
  • Optical Sampling
    A technique of sampling signals using laser light, often in the form of ultrashort pulses.
  • Optical Shutter
    Optical shutters are used to modulate optical beams or particle streams. By modulating optical beams or particle streams, optical shutters...
  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer
    Optical spectrum analyzers (OSA) are instruments that measure the optical power as a function of wavelength or frequency.
  • Optical Switch
    A device that routes an optical signal from one or more input ports to one or more output ports. It...
  • Optical Thickness
    The geometric thickness times the refractive index.
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer OTDR
    An instrument that uses backscattered light to find faults in optical fiber and infer loss.
  • Optical Transmitter
    Receives electrical signals from the Ethernet controller via the fiber optic transceiver's interface cable and converts electrical signals to optical...
  • Optical Tweezers
    Arrangements for capturing and moving particles with laser beams.
  • Optical Waveguide
    Dielectric waveguide with a core consisting of optically transparent material of low attenuation (usually silica glass) and with cladding consisting of...
  • Optical Waveplate
    A waveplate is an optical device that resolves a linear polarized light wave into two orthogonal, linear polarized components and...
  • Optical Window
    Wavelength range of a fiber optic cable with a very low attenuation. Fiber optic data links using LED sources work...

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