Fiber Optic Glossary : K

  • Kbps
    Abbreviation for kilobits per second. 1,000 bits per second.
  • Kelly Sidebands
    Sidebands in the spectrum of certain mode-locked lasers, related to periodic disturbance of solitons
  • Kerr Effect
    A nonlinear interaction of light in a medium with an instantaneous response, related to the nonlinear electronic polarization.
  • Kerr Lens
    A lensing effect arising from the Kerr nonlinearity.
  • Kerr lens mode locking
    A technique for mode locking a laser, exploiting nonlinear self-focusing.
  • Kevlar
    E.I. DuPont's trade name for an aramid yarn used as a strength member in the jacket of fiber optic...
  • Key
    A short pin or other projection that slides into a mating or groove to guide two parts being assembled. It can...
  • Keying
    Feature to mechanically and positively code similar connectors to allow mating to a specific connector.
  • kHz
    One thousand cycles per second.
  • Kilo Hertz (KHz)
    1,000 Hz.
  • Kilobyte (KB)
    A standard measure of data used with memory. Equal to 1,024 bytes (2 to the tenth power).
  • Kilometer
    One thousand meters or 3,281 feet. The kilometer is a unit of measurement for fiber optics.
  • KPSI
    A unit of tensile strength expressed in thousands of pounds per square inch.
  • Kuizenga Siegman theory
    A theory predicting the durations of pulses from actively mode-locked lasers.

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