Fiber Optic Glossary : I

  • I O Application
    The device used to insert information, data or instructions into a computing system, or the device used to transfer information or...
  • IBC
    An abbreviation for integrated broadband communications.
  • ICEA
    Insulated Cable Engineers Association (Formerly IPCEA).
  • IDP
    Integrated detector/preamplifier.
  • IEEE
    An acronym for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
  • IMSA
    International Municipal Signal Association. Publishes specifications for cables and wires used in municipal, county, and state Traffic Signal, Communication and...
  • Incident Angle
    The angle between an incident ray and a line perpendicular to an optical surface.
  • Incident Light
    A ray of light that falls on the surface of a lens — or any other object. The angle of incidence...
  • Inclusion
    A foreign object present within, for example, an optical fiber or a crystal.
  • Incoherent Bundle
    A bundle of filaments of optical glass or other transparent materials that transmit only light, not optical images. The arrangement...
  • Incoherent Fiber Bundle
    A bundle of filaments of optical glass or other transparent materials that transmit light only, not optical images. The arrangement of...
  • Index Dip
    In an optical fiber, an undesired decrease in the refractive index at the center of the core.
  • Index Matching Fluid
    A liquid used of refractive index similar to glass used to match the materials at the ends of two fibers...
  • Index Matching Material
    A substance, usually a liquid, cement (adhesive), or gel, which has an index of refraction that closely approximates that of...
  • Index of Refraction
    A measure of the speed of light in a material.
  • Index Profile
    The refractive index of a fiber as a function of cross section.
  • Infrared Countermeasures
    Infrared countermeasures are devices designed to protect aircraft from heat-seeking missiles, utilizing infrared homing technologies, by confusing the infrared guidance...
  • Infrared Emitting Diodes
    LEDs that emit infrared energy (830 nm or longer).
  • Infrared Fiber
    Colloquially, optical fibers with best transmission at wavelengths of 2µm or longer, made of materials other than silica glass.
  • Infrared IR
    The bank of electromagnetic wavelengths between the visible part of the spectrum (about 750nm) and microwaves (about 30mm).
  • Inhomogeneous Broadening
    Inhomogeneous broadening is an increase of the linewidth of an atomic transition caused by effects which act differently on different...
  • Inhomogeneous Saturation
    When a gain medium amplifies a strong laser beam, the gain is saturated, i.e., reduced to some extent. Under certain...
  • Injection Laser Diode ILD
    A solid state semiconductor device consisting of at one p-n junction capable of emitting coherent, stimulated radiation under specified conditions.
  • Injection Locking
    A technique to enforce operation of a laser on a certain frequency by injecting light with that frequency into the...
  • Inline Amplifier
    An EDFA or other type of amplifier placed in a transmission line to strengthen the attenuated signal for transmission onto...
  • Insert
    The insulating core of the connector designed to position, retain, support and provide separation for the contacts.
  • Insertion Loss
    The total optical power loss caused by the insertion of a component such as a splice or connector in an...
  • Insertion tool
    A tool used to insert contacts into a connector.
  • Inside Plant
    Telecommunications facilities placed inside a building.
  • Inspection hole
    A hole at the bottom of the contact wire barrel to permit visual inspection to ensure that the wire has...
  • Insulation
    A material having high resistance to the flow of electric current. Often called a dielectric.
  • Insulation Jacket
    Insulating material around a wire or cable.
  • Integrated Detector Preamplifier
    1. A single chip which contains a detector and amplifier which converts optical signals to usable electrical output. 2. A detector...
  • Integrated Optics
    Integrated optics is a technology which aims at constructing so-called integrated-optical devices or photonic integrated circuits, containing several or many...
  • Integrating Spheres
    An integrating sphere is an optical device for various purposes such as measuring the optical flux from a laser diode,...
  • Intensity
    Power per unit solid angle.
  • Intensity Modulation
    In optical communications, a form of modulation in which the optical power output of a source is varied in accordance...
  • Intensity Noise
    An important type of noise in a light beam is noise of its intensity. (Strictly speaking, one usually considers noise...
  • Interchannel Isolation
    The ability to prevent undesired optical energy from appearing in one signal path as a result of coupling from another signal...
  • Interface
    The debarkation point or location on a data device where data comes out of or goes into the device. Examples are...
  • Interfacial seal
    The sealing of mating connectors over the entire area of the interface and around each contact. This is accomplished when...
  • Interference
    Interference is an optical effect which can occur when two or more light beams are superimposed.
  • Interference Filter
    An optical filter that selectively transmits one wavelength and reflects others based on interference effects inside the structure. Also called...
  • Interferometer
    An instrument that employs the interference of lightwaves to measure the accuracy of optical surfaces; it can measure a length...
  • Interleaver
    An optical device that separates a series of optical channels so alternating wavelengths emerge out its two ports. The best...
  • Interlocks
    The interlock of a laser is a mechanism which can contribute to laser safety by automatically switching off the laser...
  • Intermateable
    Connectors from a manufacturer may be intermixed and mated with another manufacturer's connectors.
  • Intermediate Frequency
    A frequency to which a carrier frequency is shifted as an intermediate step in transmission or reception.
  • Intermediate Reach IR
    IR optical interfaces refer to optical sections with system loss budgets from 0 to 12 dB. Typically distances are 15 km...
  • Intermodal Dispersion
    Time or arrival differences of signal between zero order and highest order modes.
  • Intermodulation
    A fiber nonlinearity mechanism caused by the power dependant refractive index of glass. Causes signals to beat together and generate...
  • Internet
    The worldwide collection of networks based on the use of TCP/IP network protocols.
  • Internet Protocol
    Standard packet-switched transmission format for the Internet; uses variable-length packets.
  • Intracavity Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
    Intracavity laser absorption spectroscopy is a technique for highly sensitive spectroscopic measurements. The basic principle is as follows: The substance...
  • Intramodal Dispersion
    Differences of index of refraction by wavelength.
  • Intramodal Distortion
    In an optical fiber, distortion caused by dispersion, such as material or profile dispersion, of a given propagating mode.
  • Intranet
    A collection of networks supporting a single site or corporate entity.
  • Intrinsic Joint Loss
    Of nonidentical optical fibers joined by a splice or a mated pair of connectors, the power loss attributable to manufacturing...
  • Intrinsic Loss
    Loss due to inherent traits within the fiber; for example, absorption, scattering, and splice loss.
  • ION
    An atom that has gained or lost one or more electrons and, as a result, carries a negative or...
  • IRCM
    An acronym for Infrared Countermeasures
  • IRE Unit
    An arbitrary unit created by the Institute of Radio Engineers to describe the amplitude characteristic of a video signal, where...
  • Irradiation
    Exposure to radiant energy, such as heat, X rays, or light.
  • ISO
    An acronym for International Standards Organization.
  • Isochronous
    Data transmission where timing is derived from the signal carrying the data. No timing or clock lead is provided at the...
  • Isolation
    Also referred to as far end crosstalk or far end isolation. Predominantly used in reference to WDM products. It is a...
  • ISP
    Abbreviation for Internet service provider. A company or organization that provides Internet connections to individuals or companies via dial-up, ISDN,...

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