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  • E O
    Abbreviation for electrical-to-optical converter.
  • E2000 Connector
    The E2000/LX-5 is like a LC but with a shutter over the end of the fiber.
  • Eccentricity
    In the tolerancing of optical elements, the displacement of the optical axis from the mechanical axis.
  • EDFA
    Erbium-doped fiber amplifier, an all optical amplifier for 1550 nm SM transmission systems.
  • EDFA Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
    An optical amplifier that boosts all channels in the optical signal at the same time.
  • Edge Emitting Diode E LED
    A LED that emits from the edge of the semiconductor chip, producing higher power and narrower spectral width.
  • Edge Emitting Laser
    A semiconductor laser that emits light in the plane of its junction from the edge of the chip.
  • Effective Area
    The area of a single-mode fiber that carries the light.
  • Effective Cross Sections
    A modified type of transition cross sections which apply to optical transitions between Stark level manifolds.
  • Effective Mode Area
    A quantitative measure of the area which a waveguide or fiber mode effectively covers in the transverse dimensions.
  • Effective Mode Volume
    For an optical fiber, the square of the product of the diameter of the near-field pattern and the sine of...
  • Effective Numerical Aperture
    The real numerical aperture (NA) of a fiber when the computed NA is not valid because of change in the...
  • Effective Refractive Index
    A number quantifying the phase delay per unit length in a waveguide relative to the phase delay in vacuum.
  • Efficiency
    A measure of the fraction of the input energy that is converted into output energy. Depending on the context, the writer/speaker...
  • EGA
    Abbreviation for enhanced graphics adapter. A medium-resolution color standard for computer monitors.
  • EIA
    An acronym for Electronic Industries Alliance.
  • Elasto Optic Effect
    A change in the refractive index of an optical fiber caused by variation in the length of the fiber core...
  • Electric CO Laser
    An electrically excited laser having carbon monoxide as the lasing material and in which lasing occurs in a partial inversion...
  • Electric Dichroism Spectroscopy
    The use of a krypton laser system for the measurement of small molecules aligned by an electric field, by analyzing...
  • Electrical Length
    Of a transmission medium, its length expressed as a multiple or submultiple of the wavelength of a periodic electromagnetic or...
  • Electro Absorption Modulated Laser
    Has integrated CW laser with EA modulator on the same semiconductor chip.
  • Electro Absorption Modulator
    A semiconductor diode reverse-modulated so it modulates light passing through it.
  • Electro Optic Deflection
    The effect whereby a light beam is deflected by a birefringent prism when its polarization is changed by voltage applied...
  • Electro Optic Effect
    The phenomenon that the refractive index of a material can be modified with an electric field.
  • Electro Optic Modulators
    Optical modulators based on the electro-optic effect.
  • Electro Optic Sampling
    An optical sampling technique based on the electro-optic effect.
  • Electroabsorption Modulators
    Optical modulators based on the Franz–Keldysh effect.
  • Electroluminescence
    The nonthermal conversion of electrical energy into light in a liquid or solid substance. The photon emission resulting from electron-hole...
  • Electromagnetic Interference
    Any electrical or electromagnetic interference that causes undesirable response, degradation or failure in electronic equipment. Optical fibers neither emit nor receive...
  • Electromagnetic Pulse
    A burst of electromagnetic radiation that creates electric and magnetic fields that may couple with electrical/electronic systems to produce damaging...
  • Electromagnetic Radiation
    Waves made up of oscillating electrical and magnetic fields perpendicular to one another and traveling at the speed of light....
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum
    The range of frequencies and wavelengths emitted by atomic systems.
  • Electromagnetic Wave
    A disturbance, which propagates outward from an electric charge, which oscil lates or is accelerated. Includes radio waves; X-rays; gamma rays;...
  • Electron
    A particle of matter that affects electricity and electrical current.
  • Electron Beam
    A stream of electrons emitted by a single source that move in the same direction and at the same...
  • Electron Device
    Any device in which the passage of electrons through a vacuum, gas or semiconductor is the principal means of...
  • Electron Microscope
    A device utilizing an electron beam for the observation and recording of submicroscopic samples with the aid of photographic emulsions or...
  • Electron Mirror
    An electron instrument used to reflect an electron beam totally.
  • Electronic Band Edge
    The point at which short-wavelength transmission is cut off.
  • Electronic Dispersion Compensation
    A method for mitigating the effects of chromatic dispersion in fiber optic communication links with electronic components in the...
  • Electronically Controlled Coupling
    The use of an electric field or signal to couple a lightwave from one dielectric waveguide into another dielectric...
  • Electrostatic Lens
    The electrical distribution that serves to influence an electron beam in the same way that an optical lens affects a light...
  • Electrostatic Printer
    An instrument used to print an optical image on a specially treated paper. Light and dark portions of the original image...
  • ELED
    Abbreviation for edge-emitting LED.
  • Ellipticity
    Describes the fact that the core or cladding may be elliptical rather than circular.
  • EM
    Abbreviation for electromagnetic.
  • Embedded Laser
    The laser inside an enclosed laser device. Usually, an embedded laser is a laser that exceeds its MPE but is...
  • Emergent Ray
    In optics, the light ray leaving a medium in contrast to the entering or incident ray.
  • EMI
    An abbreviation for electromagnetic interference. EMI is the interference in signal transmission or reception caused by the radiation of electrical...
  • Emission
    Act of giving off radiant energy by an atom or molecule.
  • Emitter
    Term used for a light source.
  • Encapsulation
    The provision of end-to-end support of communication using a network protocol X across a network which only supports protocol Y by...
  • Enclosed Laser Device
    A laser or laser system positioned within an enclosure to prevent dangerous optical radiation from leaving the enclosure.
  • Enclosure
    A cabinet used to organize and enclose cable terminations and splices for use within main equipment rooms, entrance facilities, main...
  • Encoding
    A means of combining clock and data information into a self synchronizing stream of signals.
  • End Face
    Term often used to describe the end of a ferrule. The end face is finished or polished to have a...
  • End Finish
    For an optical fiber, the optical quality of the surface at the end of the fiber.
  • End Fire Coupling
    Method of coupling two waveguides for optical fibers or integrated optical circuits by butting the two up against one...
  • End of Bandwidth
    Defined by data arriving out of order in regards to its time domain.
  • End Pumping
    A technique of optically pumping a laser medium in a direction along the laser beam.
  • End Separation
    The distance between the ends of two joined fiber optic cables. End separation causes an extrinsic loss that depends on the...
  • End Separation Loss
    The optical power loss caused by distance between the end of a fiber and a source, detector, or another fiber.
  • End to End Loss
    The optical loss on an installed fiber optic cable data link path. This loss consists of the loss due to...
  • Endoscope
    A medical instrument used to view inside the human body by inserting the instrument into a natural or created aperture....
  • Endscope
    A fiber-optic bundle used for imaging and viewing inside the human body.
  • Energy
    Total amount of power emitted by the laser.
  • Energy Level
    Discrete energy states that an electron in orbit around an atom is allowed to have. Electrons may jump to a higher...
  • Energy Sharing Laser
    A laser that distributes its output power among two, three or four optical fibers simultaneously.
  • Energy Source
    High voltage electricity, radio waves, flashes of light, or another laser used to excite the laser medium.
  • Energy Transfer
    The phenomenon that dopant ions in laser-active media can exchange excitation energy among each other.
  • ENG
    Abbreviation for Electronic News gathering.
  • Enhanced Pulsing
    A type of laser pulsing with high laser power at the beginning of the pulse.
  • Enhancement Cavities
    Optical cavities for exploiting the resonant enhancement of the power of circulating light.
  • Environmental sealing
    Designed in a connector using grommets, interfacial seals, peripheral seals, gaskets or potting material to keep contaminants such as dirt...
  • Epoxy
    A thermosetting resin used to secure the fiber with the connector ferrule.
  • Epoxy Connector
    A type of fiber optic connector that is terminated onto a cable with use of epoxy to perform a...
  • Equalibrium Length
    For a specific excitation condition, the length of multimode optical fiber necessary to attain equilibrium mode distribution.
  • Equilibrium Modal Distribution EMD
    Steady state modal distribution in multimode fiber, achieved some distance from the source, where the relative power in the modes...
  • Equilibrium Mode Distribution (EMD)
    The steady modal state of a multimode fiber in which the relative power distribution among modes is independent of fiber...
  • Equilibrium Mode Simulator
    For an optical fiber, a device or optical system used to create an approximation of the equilibrium mode distribution.
  • Erbium
    Optical fibers are sometimes doped with the rare earth element, erbium, which can amplify light in the 1550 nm region...
  • Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
    A type of fiber optic cable that amplifies 1550 nm optical signals when pumped with a 980-1480 nm light source.
  • Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA)
    Optical fibers doped with the rare earth element, erbium, which can amplify light in the 1550 nm region when pumped...
  • Erbium Doped Gain Media
    Laser gain media doped with erbium ions.
  • Erbium Doped Waveguide Amplifier
    An optical amplifier similar to an EDFA, but derives a higher gain through a small waveguide rather than several meters...
  • Error Correction
    In digital transmission systems, a scheme that adds overhead to the data to permit a certain level of errors to...
  • Error Detection
    Checking for errors in data transmission. A calculation is made on the data being sent and the results are sent along...
    IBM standard for connecting peripherals to a computer over fiber optics. Acronym for Enterprise System Connection.
  • ESKA
    Trade mark of plastic fiber optic cable manufactured by Mitsubishi Rayon Corp.
  • Etalon
    Also Fabry-Perot Interferometer. Frequency tuning device that exploits the properties of interference between two adjacent flat, parallel surfaces.
  • Ethernet
    1. A network of high-speed transmission cables and software. 2. A 10 Mbit/sec Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD)...
  • Ethernet Bridge Connectivity
    Used to connect two or more networks.
  • Ethernet Converted to Fiber
    A 10 Mbit/sec CSMA/CD standard, converted to fiber optics.
  • Ethernet Standards
    Not all Ethernet and IEEE 802.3 standards are identical. In fact, in some instances, there are enough differences in Ethernet standards...
  • Evanescent Field
    In a waveguide, a time-varying field having an amplitude that decreases monotonically as a function of transverse radial distance from...
  • Evanescent Wave
    Guided light waves that extend beyond the boundary of a fiber core into the cladding. Evanescent waves can transfer energy...
  • Excess Loss
    The amount of light lost in a coupler, beyond that inherent in the splitting to multiple output fibers.
  • Excess Noise Factor
    A factor, F, indicating the increase in shot noise in an avalanche photodiode as compared with the ideal multiplier, which...
  • Excimer Lasers
    Lasers where optical amplification occurs in a plasma containing excited dimers with an anti-binding electronic ground state.
  • Excited State
    Atom with an electron in a higher energy level than it normally occupies.

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