Fiber Optic Cable Repair Kits

When you have deployed a fiber optic cable in the field and it is damaged or cut you either; need to have a spare cable, a fusion splicing unit with a trained operator, or wait for a new cable to be sent from the factory. Not anymore! Now, the new Timbercon fiber optic cable repair kit will allow you to repair the cable in the field in approximately 20 minutes without epoxy, electricity for either an oven or fusion splicer, and with minimal training.

Two repair kit types are available and each will allow you to repair two damaged cables. All the tools necessary, along with both written and video instructions, are included in the kit. A microscope to view the fiber end face and cleaning materials are also included. The Harsh Environment fiber cable repair kit can be used with 4-10mm cables with up to four optical fibers*. The Broadcast cable repair kit is used for SMPTE 311 hybrid cables with two fibers and six electrical contacts.

*Other diameters and fiber counts available upon request.


  • Repairs 4-10mm outer diameter cables *
  • All necessary hand tools included
  • Cleaning Materials
  • Microscope for end face inspection
  • Laminated & video instructions
  • Easily transportable case


  • Minimal training required
  • 20 minute repair in the field
  • No fusion splicer required
  • No electricity required
  • No curing oven required
  • Water tight repair enclosure


  • Harsh environment cable repair
  • Military tactical cable repair
  • Hybrid broadcast (SMPTE 311) repair
  • TAC 4, TAC 6, TAC 8, TAC 12. Broadcast Cables.
  • Mining, Oil + gas, cell tower, green energy

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