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Fiber Management

Organize, Protect, and Increase Connectivity

Timbercon Fiber Management products are designed as an ideal solution for data center, storage area, and local area network environments. Integrating high performance pre-populated cassettes with advanced ribbon fiber backbone cable products, this system is simple to use, fast to install, and offers an error proof solution with factory terminated and tested connections.

Timbercon's Fiber Management products are based on the MT connector system, using less physical space to distribute multiple fibers, ensuring you have plenty of rack space for other requirements. Designed for seamless integration with Timbercon Ribbon Fiber Cables, Timbercon Fiber Management products are built to offer flexibility, versatility, and interoperability with your network--saving you time, money, and resources.

Timbercon offers a full line of Pre-Populated Cassette Modules, splice trays, adapter panels, and fiber enclosures in a variety of standard and customizable configurations to suit your exact application.

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