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Deployable Reels

Portable Fiber Optic Storage Reels

Timbercon deployable reels offer a number of advantages for applications requiring long fiber runs, temporary connections, or easy storage and transportation of long, bulky cable assemblies. Developed to work in conjunction with tactical, multi-fiber, and outside plant type assemblies, Timbercon’s deployable reels utilize rugged metal construction with a number of user accessible features to facilitate the rapid deployment or recoil of any fiber optic cable assembly.

Timbercon deployable reels are heavy-duty, hardwearing, and provide connector and cable protection when they are not in use. The use of deployable reels also prevents handling damage and allows for cable testing to be done on the reel prior to installation.

Deployable reels are available in multiple sizes, configurations, and mount types to suit a wide variety of applications and cable assembly types. For application specific requirements, Timbercon deployable reels can be easily customized to provide an ideal, project-specific solution.

To calculate spool sizes view our Fiber Length Spool Calculator.


  • Non-reflective black matte finish
  • Integrated cam-lock/drag system
  • Velcro cable/connector straps
  • Rugged construction
  • Built-in crank handle

Small Deployable Reel

• Crank handle permanently attached to disc
• Equipped with cam-lock/drag brake system
• Equipped with velcro cable fastener
• Non-reflective black matte finish standard

Large Deployable Reel

• Standard direct crank, permanently attached
• Manual rewind models, spring actuated pin-lock, cam-lock/drag brake
• Non-reflective black matte finish standard
• Heavy-duty locking caster wheel set, includes 2 locking and 2 non-locking casters  with mounting plates
• Frame-mounted carry handles
• Divider discs, available with a cut-out
(Note: this disc location must be specified)

Carrying Capacity (Meters)
6mm OD cable 335 1994
7mm OD Cable 245 1458
8mm OD Cable 188 1120
9mm OD Cable 149 887
10mm OD Cable 120 719
11mm OD Cable 100 592
12mm OD Cable 84 498
13mm OD Cable 72 425


  • Secure assembly storage
  • Easy method of transport
  • Fast deployment and extraction
  • Eliminates slack during install/recoil
  • Holds cable/connectors secure during transport
  • Highly durable in demanding environments


  • Broadcast
  • Harsh environment
  • Long-haul networks
  • Military

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