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Deployable Fiber Solutions

Applications such as broadcast, satcom, industrial networks and military ground systems often require fiber optic links that are deployed for a period of time but can then be reeled up and re-deployed in another location. Timbercon offers a series of rugged, semi-rugged, or commercial deployable fiber optic cable assemblies for a myriad of indoor or outdoor applications.

Timbercon’s deployable cable assemblies are available in a wide variety of cable colors and types including distribution, breakout, and rodent-resistant in channel counts from 1 to 192. In addition, these assemblies are offered with different reel options such as manual crank with stand, powered or modular/stackable configurations.

For mil-aero applications, Timbercon cable assemblies can be equipped with D38999, M28876, M83522 or M83526 milspec connectors. Timbercon also offers ATEX or MSHA harsh environment connectors for severe duty industrial applications. Standard COTS connectors can be used for those cost-sensitive applications in environmentally protected areas.

Semi-rugged deployable cable assemblies employ Timbercon’s Armadillo connectors that feature a hardened shell around commercial connectors with added strain relief and are ideal for those applications between outdoor, harsh environments and indoor, light-duty scenarios.

Timbercon can build an assembly from a supplied drawing or set of specifications or design a solution for you based on your environmental and performance requirements. Whether you are looking for a one-of a kind product or you have a number of systems requiring deployable solutions, Timbercon has the resources and expertise to quickly address your needs.


  • Industrial
  • Military and Defense
  • Broadcast & Security
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining


  • Cable options for any environment or application
  •     Multiple color options
  •     Rodent-proof/resistant
  •     Distribution or breakout
  • MIL-standard, semi-rugged or commercial connectors available
  • Companion wall-mount or jam-nut receptacles for complete end-to-end systems
  • Manual, powered and modular reel options for any length cable assembly
  • Optical/electrical hybrid capabilities
  • Up to 192 channels

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