Broadcast Fiber Optics

Broadcast media utilizes outside plant, ruggedized, and harsh environment fiber optic products to support a variety of connectivity and communication requirements. These broadcast fiber optics are designed to provide multiple channel, high-bandwidth links and, in some cases, power (electrical) connections to and from cameras, trucks, and satellite links.

With the increasing demand for HDTV programming, broadcasters are implementing more fiber to support HDTV signal capture and transport at live sports, music, and entertainment events. Fiber is also rapidly becoming the data transmission method of choice for stadiums, arenas, and venues allowing these facilities to supply high-definition content for HDTV, video-on-demand, and broadband networks.

Timbercon specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of standard and custom outside plant, ruggedized, and harsh environment products. Whether you need a connection from camera to truck/van, mixing board audio links, satellite uplink connections, or an arena cabling solution, Timbercon has the right fiber optic solution for you.

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