Fiber Optics for Broadband & MSO

The broadband and MSO (Multi-System Operators) industry is comprised of companies providing multiple communication services over a single network structure. These services are heavily focused towards the home builder and residential markets as packaged services or triple play, incorporating voice, data, and video over a single connection.

While there are multiple network structures capable of supporting broadband services, an ever increasing percentage of broadband and MSO providers are opting for fiber optic network structures to support both present and future bandwidth requirements.

CATV (cable television), HDTV (high definition television), VoIP (voice over internet protocol), and high-speed internet are some of the most common applications now being supported by fiber optic networks, in some cases directly to the home (FTTh – Fiber To The Home). These types of fiber networks incorporate a wide variety of products to support and distribute the signal from the central office to an optic node and ultimately to the subscriber (end-user).

Timbercon fiber optic products are designed and manufactured to support broadband and MSO network applications from inside the central office all the way to the subscriber. Whether your applications requires multi-fiber distribution cables, DWDM (dense wave division multiplexer), couplers and splitters, ruggedized cable assemblies, or network simulation modules, Timbercon has a product for your application.

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