Fiber Optics for Aerospace and Avionics

Timbercon’s aerospace and avionics products are designed to provide maximum performance and durability in the harsh conditions and demanding environments found in most aerospace and avionic applications. The recent adoption of fiber optic technology in aerospace and avionics applications has enabled systems designers to make great strides in integrated and support-level systems by leveraging the natural characteristics of fiber, thus reducing size and weight requirements, while increasing performance and bandwidth.

As with many military or defense type applications, most aerospace and avionics applications are highly specialized, with very specific project or scope requirements. While specific requirements generally yield a more suitable finished product, it’s rare to find a standard product to fit those requirements without some customization. Timbercon’s specialty is the development and manufacturing of application specific products for harsh environments. We have the resources, expertise, and experience to design, develop, manufacture, install, and maintain a product ideally suited for your exact application.

Timbercon's fiber optic products are used in both military and commercial aerospace applications. During the design and manufacturing process, every product is rigorously tested and certified specifically for harsh and rugged environments.

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