Technology Glossary

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  • T
    Track, also means channel
  • T Carrier
    Normally refers to a T-1 transmission system, but can be any of standard North American Digital Hierarchy transmission rates.
  • T C TOC
  • T D TOD
    Top of-Descent
  • T O TO
    Tactical Air Navigation
  • TACH
  • TAI
    Thermal Anti-lce
  • TAP
    Terminal Area Productivity
    The documents filed by a carrier describing their services and the payments to be charged for such services.
    The documents filed by a carrier describing their services and the payments to be charged for such services.
  • Tariff
    A statement by a communications company that sets forth the services offered by that company, and the rates, terms and...
  • TAS
    True Airspeed
  • TAT
    Total AirTemperature
    Terminal Air Traffic Control Automaiton
  • TBD
    To Be Determined
  • TBO
    Time between Overhauls
  • TBS
    To Be Specified
  • TCA
    Terminal Control Area
  • TCAS
    Traffic Alert & Collision Avoidance System
  • TCP IP
    Refers to communication protocols used to connect hosts on the Internet. TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol, which is the...
  • TDM
    Time Division Multiplexing
    Tracking Data and Relay Satellite System
  • TDWR
    Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR located and classifies windshear conditions and provides advisories in the terminal area. These data are...
  • Technical requirements
    simple statements of parameters for a technology solution addressing topics such as the number of people who will use the...
  • Technical support staff
    the persons who support and maintain the technology solution once it is implemented.
  • Technology resources
    the hardware, software, networks and networking capability, staff, dollars and context which together can be used in the implementation of...
  • Telecommunication
    The process of transmitting or receiving information over a distance by any electrical or electromagnetic medium. Information may take the...
  • Telecommunications
    Any transmission, emission or reception of signs, signals, writing, images, sounds or intelligence of any nature by wire, radio, optical...
  • Telecommunications
    The transmission, between or among points specified by the user, of information of the user's choosing, without change in the...
    A free service that enables persons with TTYs, individuals who use sign language and people who have speech disabilities to...
  • Teleconference
    Simultaneous conference to multiple sites distributed via audio (phone or other audio). Satellite videoconferences and videoconferences using compressed video are...
  • Teleconferencing
    The use of audio, video, or computer equipment brought together through a communications system to permit geographically separated individuals to...
  • Telemedicine
    Use of telecommunications technology for medical diagnosis and patient care when the provider and client are separated by distance. Telemedicine...
  • Telemetering Cable
    Cable used for transmission of information from instruments to the peripheral recording equipment.
  • telemetry
    The science of measuring a quantity or quantities, transmitting the measured value to a distant station, and there interpreting, indicating,...
  • Telemetry
    Transmission of radio signals and coded data from a space vehicle.
    A free service that enables persons with TTYs, individuals who use sign language and people who have speech disabilities to...
    The word used to describe the science of transmitting voice over a telecommunications network.
    The word used to describe the science of transmitting voice over a telecommunications network.
  • Telephony
    The word used to describe the science of transmitting voice over a telecommunications network.
  • Teletext
    Textual and graphic information broadcast in the vertical blanking interval between conventional video frames in television signals. It requires a...
  • Teletypewriter Exchange Service TWX
    A dial-up worldwide telegraph service (similar to telex, but operating at different transmission speeds, and with a different code) used...
  • Television Receive Only Earth Station TVRO
    Earth station equipment that receives video signals from satellite or MDS-type transmissions. Such stations have only receiving capability and need...
  • Telex Service
    A public switched service in which teletypewriter stations are provided with lines to a central office for access to other...
  • TEMP
  • temperature
    It is a measure of the kinetic energy of the molecules and shows how the heat of the air.
  • Temperature Rating
    The maximum temperature at which an insulating material may be used in continuous operation without loss of its basic...
  • temporal
    Pertaining to, concerned with, or limited by time.
  • temporal resolution
    the revisit time of a satellite over a given geographic location. The revisit time for Landsat 4, 5, and 7...
  • Tensile Strength
    The pull stress required to break a given specimen.
  • Terminal Node Controller TNC
    A device that converts and controls the radio transmission and reception of digital signals from a computer.
  • Termination point
    the point where a communication line enters into a building.
  • Text Telephone TT
    A machine that employs graphic communication in the transmission of coded signals through a wire or radio communication system. TT...
  • TFM
    Traffic Flow Management
  • TGT
  • THDG
    True Heading
  • Thematic Mapper TM
    One of the two Earth-sensing payloads carried aboard Landsat 4 and 5, the Multispectral Scanner being the other on 4...
  • thermal band
    A general term for intermediate and long wavelength infrared-emitted radiation, as contrasted to short wavelength reflected (solar) infrared radiation. In...
  • thermal infrared
    The preferred term for the middle wavelength ranges of the infrared region extending roughly from 3
  • thermocouple
    A pair of wires made of two dissimilar metals, joined at one end, across which a DC voltage is produced...
  • Thin Client
    A network computer without a hard disk drive, which, in client/server applications, is designed to be especially small so that...
  • THR
    Throttle Hold
  • threshold
    The boundary in spectral space beyond which a data point, or pixel, has such a low probability of inclusion in...
  • thrust
    A force created by the engines to push an airplane through the air.
  • thrust
    specific fuel consumption - The fuel that the engine must burn per hour to generate 1 LB of thrust.
  • thrust reverser
    A device used to partially reverse the flow of the engine's nozzle discharge gases and thus create a thrust force...
  • TI
    Texas International
    Telecommunications Industry Association/Electronics Industry Association. An organization that sets telecommunications standards for buildings, cables, and connectors. Also sets practices and...
  • TIAS
    True Indicated Airspeed
  • Tier
    Levels of cable television service providing selected channels.
  • Tight Buffered
    A type of fiber optic communication cable where the fiber strands are tightly wrapped by the covering sheath.
  • Time Division Multiple Access TDMA and Code Division Multiple Acess CDMA
    These terms are used to describe multiple access systems. For example, CDMA is a method of spreading spectrum transmission for...
  • time Greenwich mean
    Mean solar time of the meridian of Greenwich, England (known as the prime meridian, longitude 0
  • time mean Sun
    The mean Sun time at a given location on the Earth is determined by the distance in longitude from the...
  • Tinned Copper
    Tin coating added to copper to aid in soldering and inhibit corrosion.
  • Titles
    The identification of all people featured in a packaged story will be included in the slate at the head of...
  • TKE
    TrackAngle Error
  • TM
    Thematic Mapper
  • TMA
    Traffic Management Advisor
  • TMC
    Thrust Management Computer
  • TMF
    Thrust Management Function
  • TMU
    Traffic Management Unit
  • TN
    True North
  • TO EPR
    Takeoff Engine Pressure Ratio
  • TO Nl
    Takeoff Engine Fan Speed
  • TOD
    Top of Descent
  • TOGA
  • tone
    Each distinguishable variation of shade from black to white.
  • Topology
    the geometric configuration of a computer network, or how the network is physically laid out. Common topologies are star (centralized),...
  • torque
    A force, multiplied by its lever arm, rotating at right angles to an axis.
  • TOT
  • Touch Screen
    Input device over the television or a special computer screen that is used to simplify user input and response. The...
  • TRA
    Thrust Reduction Altitude
  • Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System TDRSS
    A system of geosynchronous communication satellites launched for the purpose of receiving and relaying data, command, and telemetry signals to...
    Terminal Radar Approach Control Facility.
  • transformation
    (1) The process of projecting an image (mathematically or graphically) from its plane onto another plane by translation, rotation, and/or...
  • transient mode
    Conditions that may occur briefly while accelerating or deceleration, or while passing through a specific range of engine operation. A...

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